Madhubala 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 9th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan n Madhu are silent on the phone..! Madhu asks about Aryan n Sultan says.. he is ok..! Aayan asks Sultan to ask Madhu how to remove gulaal before it becomes permanent .. n Madhu overhears n says.. apply Besan lep!

Paddo-Trish are packing.. for Shirdi n Madhus cell rings n she is called to studio ..! Paddo-Trish oppose.. but Madhu says..she has to go to shoot..!

Kaka feeding Aryan .. n Aryan shows how to eat Bheendi .. as taught by Madhu n Kaka n Sultan smile! Sultan gets flashback of Madhu .! Sultan asks Kaka to pack food n Aryan guesses they are going to Madhus place!

Kaka wonders if Sultan is going to Madhu for himself

Madhu arrives on the set.. its dark ..! She calls out ..if anyone is there? RK switches on light n says.. Tera ye puchna ke koi hai..aur mera ye kehna.. ke tu hi tu hai… main hi main hun shaam to soi hai… na aur koi hai..!

Madhu tries to leave .. n RK shows her the memory from their meetings.. the piano .. the face [since he saw.. seeing moon is a waste of time] ..these eyes of Madhu .. n then two hearts full of poison met..n Madhu fell in his arms!

RK recollects studio night n shows Madhu the swing from Karwachauth night! RK recollects the song… Baho ke Darmiya… duo dance..!

RK asks Madhu if she thought about their first meeting they would have met..! RK twirls Madhu …! RK asks Madhu if she had seen their future in their past? RK puts Madhus hand on his chest and his on her waist.. Rishbala close in for a kiss!

Madhu pushes RK away ..n asks what he is doing? RK says.. making his wife.. his Madhu .. HIS OWN!

Part 2

Sultan-Aryan come to the chawl n Aryan is excited..n says..he bought chocolate/ cake for Madhu.! They notice the lock on Madhus door n ask around n get to know Madhu is on set!

Sultan calls Madhu at Aryans behest ..n RK receives … n says.. Mumbai ka Sultan.. i m RK the superstar…Madhus hubby ..n will pass ur goodbyes to Madhu ..n dare not call my WIFE!

Part 3

RK tells Sultan that he did a favour on him by saving his talking politely n tells him not to call again or he will shower curses ..on Sultan!

Tells Sultan that he will tell Madhu there is nothing left to be heard anymore..! Aryan asks Sultan when Madhu will return n he says.. NEVER!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that he is not proposing…taking what his own n tells Madhu she is his n tells her that she is coming n living with him…at his place.! Madhu resists but RK forcefully carries Madhu in his arms..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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