Madhubala 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK telling Madhu that he can die for Dau ji. He says my father’s name was Keval Ram Kuswa. Dau ji used to call him KRK with love. He says Dau ji loves me 100 times more than him. He says I was 12 years old and some enemies killed my parents. He says then Dau ji took care of me and I m his only heir. He thinks about him and says how he taught him gun shooting. He says they always wanted me to get married and Bai ji will keep you on their head, they love me a lot, she is more than a mum for me and she did a lot for her husband. Bai ji tells the women to love and take care of husband, not fight and not go against husband.

RK says Bai ji will teach you duties of wife and I m sure you will learn soon as you are smart. Madhu thinks how will be that world. They reach RK’s home. Dau ji looks at the car. Everyone aim guns at him. Madhu is scared. RK says don’t worry, they are our men, they don’t know I came, be in car, I will meet my family and come. He walks to them smiling. They put down the guns. Dau ji identifies him and smiles. Madhu looks on. Dau ji says are you Raja. RK greets him. Dau ji says I thought you died, where were you all the years, did you not remember us, I got strength now seeing you, hug me.

He hugs RK. RK says old man, you don’t look good getting emotional. I m back. Everyone are happy and shoot in the air. RK lifts Dau ji and take rounds. Bai ji comes happily seeing them. RK meets Bai ji. She looks very happy and says my Muda, where did you go leaving us. She cries and hugs him. She does his aarti. She blesses him. RK meets the other family members. Avni asks where did you go and how did he come back. Didi says he will tell after some time. RK says don’t cry much, my shirt will get wet. Avni hugs him too. They are his sisters.

RK says I can hear the sound of the car and say its Bhanu Jija coming. Bhanu’s entry is shown. He aims a gun at RK. RK calls him Jija and he lowers the gun. RK says I m Raja, not his ghost. Bhanu says Raja, it’s a miracle. I m shocked. I can’t believe you got saved, we tried to find you everywhere. RK hugs him. Bhanu says shoot in the air to celebrate his arrival. Madhu shuts her ears and cries. RK sees his idol made and flowers on it. Dau ji says what would we do, we did not get you and heard someone killed you so we did soul calming rituals and made this statue.

RK takes the gun and shoots on the statue breaking it. RK and Dau ji nhug. Avni asks whom did you bring with you. RK comes to Madhu and says come out. Stop this dramam did you not see we have guns more than humans. Everyone looks at Madhu.

RK says she is my wife. Everyone are shocked. RK says she is from Mumbai. Avni speaks against Madhu.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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