Madhubala 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is sitting outside in the chawl .. n Madhu is lying next to Aryan..! BG- Tujhe Bhula diya..! Both are emotional thinking of each other! They keep getting flashbacks … from RK helping Madhu when she slipped.. fighting the sleazy guy..insulting her… breaking her heart..Madhu in tears..! Madhu hugs Aryan n cries on..too!

Sultan comes in Aryans room n glares at the duo..! Aryan puts on his leg braces n as he stumbles.. Madhu tries to help. .but he stops her! Sultan fires Aryan.. and reminds him the rules..! Aryan says..that he has to sleep alone.. be strong.. get up early .. n so on! He asks Madhu to get out of the room! Madhu fires Sultan for his behaviour..! She says..he is a kid not a spy..!! Sultan covers Madhus eyes.. n the elderly guy gives Sultan her address.. n says she is RKs wife..!

Aryan assures Madhu that he is with her.. n Sultan is taking her home! RK fires the cop .. and says..he wants Madhu back at all costs .. safe n sound! Sultan drives by in his merc.. notices RK at the chawl .. shows Madhu from the car n drops her off..warning her not to tell anyone about him. .or neither RK will be alive..nor she! Madhu comes inside the chawl n smiles seeing RK! RK is surprised n delighted seeing her.. n walks to her! RK spots Sultan driving by! He puts his arms on her shoulder but she walks away.. n RK calls back..! Paddo n all rush to Madhu! Paddo n all ask where she was n she says she is fine! RK asks .where she was but she avoids! RK holds her arm n asks..where had she gone.. ? Madhu asks Trish-Paddo to leave..!

Madhu tells RK to dare not talk out loud in front of her family .. n RK pulls her arm n tells her to dare not ignore her when he asks a question next time! RK asks Madhu if she all were worried.. n he literally lost his mind worrying for her! Madhu asks him not to ..n she can care for herself! RK says.. he shouldnt have helped her against that sleazy. .n Madhu says..she doesnt need help .. as she has moved on! RK asks..if her humsafar is the one who was hiding his face behind the car window? RK asks if its her new.. Madhu says.. YAAR?? Admi? Sorry.. RK u cant ask that .. !

Part 2

Madhu asks.. why should she answer him .. as such …?? RK says..coz he is her hubby n Madhu corrects.. NO .. ur nothing of mine.. ur just RK the superstar! RK storms out of the chawl after Madhu leaves.!

Part 3

Paddo asks Madhu where she was n what happened? Madhu says..she was not sleepy so went for a stroll in the forest.. lost her way .. n there a guy gave her lift! Paddo wishes well for the guy..! Trish asks Madhu if she is ok? She nods..!

Precap —- Radha tells RK that he used to say so many gud dialogues.. but today.. as if he came back after watching a B-grade film he is repeating all those crappy dialogues.. in front of his mom..! She tells him that the dialogues he is saying the truth of it all will come in front of him ..soon.. ! Radha asks RK to keep drinking!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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