Madhubala 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Radha says every mom has a fear..! She says.. u must feel it too! Suhasni says… what if Madhu wants to take this flight? Radha says.. wont let her.. will chop her wings if need be.. but wont let her take such a huge risk..! Suhasini leaves from there! Radha self thot that this will be ur destiny .. u will be leading a simple life.. wont let u go in that world of glamor ever again! She says today Madhu asked me who she looks like.. she has Madhus (snr) beauty and RKs talent…but wont let her go to that world.. no.wont!

Madhu comes n back hugs Radha..! She tells her that today CM (Chef Madhu) will cook ..and make sarso ka saag..! Madhu makes Radha sit and gives her the meds..! Radha resists.. but Madhu insists! The packet with Radhas meds has that pic of Madhu dancing..!

Radha notices and is shocked..! Madhu tells Radha have a surprise..! She says.. adding something special in Sarso ka saag..! Radha says lemme taste..! Madhu says my name is Madhu .. ‘dar bhi mujhe darane se dar jata hai’ ..! Radha comes and Madhu says.. i cook well .and today added something in it..n added paneer..! Radha is teary eyed..and asks if all was well at the drama? Madhu stammers n says yes.. was great..! She asks Madhu if she is angry on Radha for not letting her come in front of the world? Think why not do what i want? Madhu says never feel so..! Radha turns her around n says.. look in my eye and speak…! Radha says.. ur mom never lied to people while looking them in the eye..! Radha shows Madhu the pic of her dancing ..! Radha says u lied! Madhu says..its not the whole truth ..i was backstage. .n the screen got burnt! Radha says.. for so many years.. i taught u so much but u ended it all..! Radha says its not a small thing..! Madhu says dun wanna dance ever coz i know u will be hurt..! She says i cant control myself.. when i hear music.. automatically i start dancing..! I love the sound of music..! She says i dun wanna dance in spotlight.. but something went wrong! Madhu asks for forgiveness..! Radha says.. my upbringing. .my lessons are losing out to ur madness ..! Madhu breaksdown and runs..! Radha breaksdown..! She rues that i dun want u to lose coz of this madness..!

Bittu comes and says..she din lie… what is in blood..cannot be beaten by ur upbringing. .or lessons! Radha shocked to see Bittu..!

Part 2

Bittu breaksdown seeing her and takes her blessing..! Radha blesses him! He asks ..her..where did u go? 20 years…how did u stay so far from Bittu? Why punish me? What wrong did i do? Radha says 20 years… what punishment can i give? I din want my name to live in this world..! Bittu asks why? Radha averts his question! She asks how Bittu is.. all well? Bittu says fine.. much fine..! Bittu says.. saw younger Madhu ..n she looks like her mom! Radha says and that scares me..!

Madhu friend asks her wanna talk to superstar? She says yes..! She gives her the drawing of stars on AKs poster n says.. talk at ease. .m going out.. if u wanna eat kulfi.. lemme know..! She looks at AKs poster n rues that today made Dida cry .. n she has given me so much and i did dhichkaoun on her one demand.. to stay away from spotlight! She says superstar.. its not my mistake.. spotlight came to me.. !

Bittu rues that lots of things happened.. u took so much pain to raise Madhu..! Radha says.. yes.. n kept her safe from the other world! Bittu asks permission to talk to Madhu .. n says going back to Mumbai tomorrow! Radha says ..she shouldnt know about her parents tho..!

Madhu comes and Radha says.. this is ur Mama./Chacha..! Bittu says.. yes.. ur dad called me his bro n ur mom ..hers..! Madhu is delighted..and asks about her parents…! Bittu tries to answer but Radha keeps mum ..!

Bittu tells Madhu enouf of the serving n asks about what food RK liked n what Madhu cooked..! Bittu says how RK liked paneer..! Madhu asks more info..! Bittu says how Rishbala used to talk less and Madhu speaks too much..! Radha starts coufing ..n leaves from there! Bittu says Madhu looks like RK . .n a bit like Madhu too..! Bittu says ur Rishbalas combo! Bittu says.. RK used to call Madhu .. BIWI … n how Madhu was big devotee of Bappa..!! How Madhu (snr) used to face life with strength. .despite the softness in her heart..! He says.. there is no one like her n there never will be n sees Madhu says.. u r..!

Bittu excuses himself..! Madhu says.. do come next time soon! Bittu gives his Mumbai address to Madhu ..!! Bittu says dun have any gifts to give u. .just old memories n blessings that u get what u want..! Madhu says.. elders blessings help to get what one wants..! Madhu says. u blessed me so i will get my sales job..! Bittu goes to meet Radha..!

There is phonecall on Madhu n the person says ur job application approved..! The person says.. u have to go to Mumbai for job! Madhu says i stay in Mathura..! The person says.. one day to think n tell us if u accept! Radha comes .. n Madhu says. . ur couf lets me know ur coming! Radha says am fine..! Radha coufs a lot and there is blood and Madhu is shocked..!

Madhus friend asks what Doc said? Flashback shows Doc telling Radha has TB ..! Madhu asks is it curable? Doc says yes.. can be controlled ..! Madhu asks how much money it will take? Doc says 2 lacs! Her friend asks how will u arrange? Madhu says dunno but have to do something! Madhu says nothing can happen in Mathura..! She says only place to go to is Mumbai…!!

Precap —- Shruti asks Madhu how will u go? Madhu asks for help from Kanha..! The chit with Bittu’s address falls on Madhus lap and Madhu says.. Dida will be treated for her condition .. i will go to Mumbai..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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