Madhubala 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

Raja asks Madhu how can we make a film. Madhu says we can. Let me tell yes to him. Raja hesitates. Madhu tells Raja even i dunno acting but its to fulfill my mom’s last wish. Raja says no. Madhu says some things need to be done for Junoon. She reminds him how Ravindra G. wants to make film. Raja refuses. Madhu says fine, wont listen to u. Raja relents.

Tauji asks for spoon. Agni is in panic as Bhanu keeps gun pointed at Tauji. Agni tells Tauji that am scared, ur not here whole day ..i kept jewels in locker, if u want to keep something. Tauji says have nothing. Bhanu fumes. Agni says property papers. Tauji asks why so worried. Agni says dont have jewels .. only mansion and farms. Tauji says have kept them safely.

Bittu wonders if Ravindra will take his call and Madhu says he will ..he offered a movie too. Want u with us like Hanuman ji is with Lord Ram, u with Raja. Madhu says my mom wanted RK-Madhu story on screen. Bittu says lemme intro u to Abhijeet sir who is acting coach. Ravindra calls Madhu and says want to do photoshoot and Madhu agrees.

Bhanu points gun at Agni and says accepted defeat. Agni says trying to get the papers. Bhanu takes Agnis phone and Lela calls but Bhanu cuts the call. Bhanu asks Agni to make Pakodas. Ravindra shows Rishbala pic to Rajbala and Raja is blank. The duo try to pose but are not able to do it properly. Raja says i cant do this. Ravindra says try .. if u do.. u will get it. RK was clear slate.. he had defects . i turned them to strength and he became Superstar RK. I will teach u too..and u will be RK-2 and u will be Madhubala.

Part 2

Madhu says such a weird thing life is.. if this money from movies had come from films a few days ago, i did have thrown it on ur faces.. after what films took away from me. She says today realized, shouldnt hate someone coz of one incident. She apologizes to the film industry. Radha tells Madhu .. ur mom was born on set and ur rebirth is on set too. Radha asks Madhu to shine Rishbala name with her talent. Radha tells Raja, dont need money ..just love. Radha gives money to Raja. Raja gives it to Lela. He says will support Bittu forever. Will give u 40% of all our earnings. Lela says ur talking like RK. Lela reassures everyone that from now on.. they will stay together happily.

Part 3

Tauji finds a note from Agni in the food plate. He reads it and is shocked. Tauji asks Agni why cooked so early. .going someplace. Agni says to locker. He asks for property papers. Tauji says its with Raja in the chawl. Bhanu runs off from there. Agni asks Tauji why u said it out loud. Tauji says to get him caught. Will tell Raja in advance. Tauji-Agni try to contact Raja but no response.

Precap —- Rajbala are dancing in Rishbala style. BG – Hum hai dewane.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. 2morow last epi
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