Madhubala 8th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 8th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 8th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK takes RK to the terrace..! Madhu is worried and follows by stairs..!

AK asks RK if he will do as AK wants and he says yes… jo hero kahega.. wohi karunga ..

AK asks which movie of mine u like . RK says.. ur superhero one.. and AK asks wanna jump? RK says yes! AK makes him stand on the parapit of the terrace..! AK tells RK not to jump till he says to …RKs unbalanced..

Madhu arrives. …and AK says.. u will fly like a bird now.. RK puts his feet forward and Madhu rushes to him …!

AK asks Madhu why scaring him … AK doesnt let RK come down and says.. ur ur gudiya how brave u r…

Madhu tries to talk RK out of …it but RK says gonna jump from here n show my hero how brave i am …

AK starts to count.. 1 – 2 … 4 and Madhu rushes to pull RK down …and RK gets angry .. n says will try again … n Madhu stops him ..

AK says we will play this game again tomorrow when this worried Madhu is not there

AK asks Madhu the matter? He says the hubby who should protect her is dependent on her! Madhu glares at him and AK says .. hurting? Well it hurt me too ..

AK says… lets see how long u can be his support …AK says.. havent given u any gift.. how about blood pressure measuring machine ??

Dolly reassures Bebe about how she is taking care of AK  and searching for his bride… n she is discussing with the wedding broker and another comes and they start bickering ..! Dolly is shocked and tries to stop them n asks them to leave…Madhu comes in the room and RK is still sulking …! She finds a drawing of superman made by RK and tries to make him understand that no one can jump .. from such heights and RK says.. my hero can! Madhu says its a camera effect .. not even ur hero ..

Part 2

RK comes to AK and says.. Madhu says.. u never umped from buildings .. ur scared of needles..  Gudiya lied right? AK is taken aback..! RK says.. ur my hero…

AK says.. gudiya is a liar… show this gudiya by jumping from up … that she is a liar..! AK fumes …! Madhu smirks at him ..!

Part 3

AK goes to the alley on the first floor and Madhu watches him keenly ..! Annie tries to stop him!

AK jumps.. and RK happily hugs him ..! AK glares at Madhu ..! RK tells Madhu ur a liar.. wont talk with u ever..!

Annie asks AK why he did that? AK says.. he needed to do show Madhu that i can go to any extent to avenge my father ..&

Precap — Madhu brings food for RK but he breaks the glass ..! Madhu says sorry and RK says go tell sorry to AK …! Come..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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