Madhubala 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says.. the four letter word is HATE ..

Reporter asks why RK is telling it to them? RK says.. PATIENCE .. my dear

RK pulls Madhu down the stage.. n says.. earlier they had the relation of HATE.. n media exposed details of it all to the world

RK says.. he made a mistake. .n Madhu put her in jail.. n his ego made him put Shammo in hosp..! RK says that.. Madhu slapped him n so.. a relation of hate was born ..n he forcefully married her..

RK says.. he then played a PREM game.. a bit of love.. a bit of ishq. n mixed them both n made a LOVE JUICE …having meaning of HATE..! RK says..he played prem game with Madhu n broke Madhu.. her dreams.. n desires .. her all..!

RK says..he thot he will get peace. .but he din..! He says.. love changed him.. ishq ne hame kaam ka bana diya. .warna hum to nikamme the..!

RK says.. while punishing Madhu..he punished himself.. n that was still less a punishment..n he deserved it more..!

RK says.. when pain subsided.. Madhu was liable to feel angry ..n a feeling arose in Madhu take revenge.. n play prem game..! Madhu says ENOUGH!

Madhu asks RK to stop the drama… n RK says.. he wants to tell them.. Madhu much she did wrong with him …n thats why he has brought her here to make a DRAMA out of her

Madhu says.. YES …she wanted to take revenge.. n then asks RK if he is happy?? She doesnt let RK speak..

She says.. she doesnt deserve forgiveness.. for what she wanted .. but he too wanted to take revenge n then fell in love with her.. but his ego. .din let him rise ..but she..couldnt complete her revenge..!

Sikky says.. dun understand.. if its love or revenge? Dips is confused too!

Madhu caresses RKs face n says…she loves him.. a lot..n hence couldnt break his heart..!

Madhu tells RK she din have her ego to guide her.. coz there is no ego in love.. .. Madhu says..have listened to my heart n will always do so…!!

Madhu asks…what is he punishing her for? Coz she hid this?? She says..he is punishing her by insulting her in front of all ..

RK asks. done? Madhu says.. u decide? RK pulls Madhu n stops midway ..n takes her to the mandap

He tells her ENOUF .. either u speak. .or cry… RK says.. he said.. her feel of wanting to take revenge is justified.. RK asks why she thinks he brought her to the mandap? Madhu says to insult her.. n RK says DAMN .. no .. brought her there to MARRY HER! All are stunned..!!!

Part 2

Madhu asks what? RK says.. he had to tell all before all ..that she came in the relation to hurt him but couldnt

RK says.. he brought her. .here to apologise to her… for his every mistake..! He says he was angry in the morning.. but he loves her. .n says his love is not like hers.. its not that strong.. but he is trying!

RK says.. I LOVE U Madhu…!! He says..she is the only one.. he has given right to break his heart n to mend it..

RK goes down on his knee …

Part 3

RK says.. can we complete what was left incomplete

Will u give me another chance.. to live together. to breathe together.. n to attain what is between hubby -wife..?? Will u Marry me Madhu??

Madhu in tears

Precap — Rishbala getting married.. RK puts mangalsutra n sindoor on Madhu

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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