Madhubala 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu comes in the room and sees RK standing! She walks to him and almost runs and back hugs him! Madhu breaksdown! RK is in tears! Madhu asks what happened? Felt that it was a bad dream! Madhu says i know ur upset with me but i promise all will be well.. i will make all ok! Madhu says why u din wait for me in jail..i rushed to u..but u left ..! RK stays mum! Madhu says i know ur disturbed.. ur upset.. but i assure u.. i will make all well . i promise.. all will be well..! Madhu asks RK why he is silent? RK is in tears! Madhu jerks RK and he falls..! He is unable to lift himself up..! Madhu lifts RKs right hand n notices its immobile! RK is in tears! Madhu helps RK to sit on the bed.! She touches his hand and lifts it n leaves it and it drops..! RK looks at Madhu with tears in his eyes! Madhu breaks down as well..! RK hugs her and cries..! Madhu assures RK ..and says i am there.. i will make all well ..! U will be well..! RK hugs Madhu again..! Madhu breaksdown as well.!

Sikky makes the cops stop the car to go for loo and a constable escorts him ..! He asks to let go of his handcuff and constable.. does! Sikky throws dirt on the constables face and runs off..! All rush to catch Sikky! Constables say that its deep jungle.. so cant find him! Cop tells Kuku that ur son fled! Kuku says.. ullu ka pattha.. baap ko dhoka de gaya aur police ko chuna laga gaya!

Bittu tells Madhu that have done research.. there are treatments for this..! Madhu says.. its all my fault! Bittu says it was an accident! RK will be fine very soon ..! Madhu says yes he will be fine soon.. i will fight for him.. i will do what i need to for him! She says i cant see RK breakdown like this..! Madhu resolves that RK will be fine very soon!

At night.. Madhu comes to the bedroom and sees RK is lying on the bed . and is quiet..! Madhu lies by his side..! BG- Tumse judi har khushi..! She holds his right hand…and looks at RK..! Madhu rests her face on RKs..! She falls asleep holding his hand but RK is wide awake!

Next day morning, RK-Madhu are asleep! Madhu wakes up first as the sunlight falls on her..! She caresses.. RKs face..! She keeps holding his hand n chants.. the Hauslo mantra..! Madhu leaves the bed..! She goes to kitchen and is making breakfast for RK..! Pabho comes and asks Madhu to put the tray down! Madhu says its for RK..! Pabho says no need to make any efforts for RK .. u did what u had to.. m there to take care of him..! Madhu says.. u saw RKs condition! Pabho says.. yesterday RK stopped me but i wont let u hurt RK more! Madhu says i din do this intentionally ..! Pabho asks then why did Destiny make u the reason to hurt him ?? Pabho says ur horoscope screams of destruction .. no matter what she does.. it wont change the truth! Pabho says.. the nivarans were a lie but not Gurujis words..! Her horoscope is ruining RK .. the faster she understands.. its good for RK ..n this family ..! Pabho asks Madhu to leave RK and go! Madhu says.. wont leave RK .. nor this house nor family! Madhu says.. Guruji said my horoscope is bad for RK but my love is above all this..! .. Madhu starts to walk and Pabho stops her..! They push pull the tray n it falls! Radha comes and Pabho acts as if Madhu pushes her ..! Pabho says..what kind of behaviour is this? I wanna meet RK .. u cant stop me..from meeting him ..! I apologise for my behaviour yesterday but u cant do this..! She leaves from there..! Madhu tries to explain to Radha n Radha says no need to explain! Radha says..this house is a studio .. all are wearing masks.. i have stopped trusting anyone to be true anymore! Radha walks off! Madhu is exasperated!

Part 2

Madhu comes to the bedroom and sees RK is still asleep! She wishes RK good morning with a smile! RK wakes up..! Madhu says its about ego.. the sun is shining brighter than u..! Madhu notices the newspapers with headlines about RKs condition n she hides them! Madhu says.. do one thing give ur superstar smile and make Sun feel inferior! Madhu helps RK get up and says..ur fave breakfast .. so that u get well soon and treat ur wife as a princess..! She says all this for my selfish reasons! RK says.. realised today.. the advantage of being sick.. u will feed me and i will enjoy! Madhu says enjoy later.. ! RK tries to taste and says what is this? Madhu drinks and says its fine! RK says i din say its bad.. u havent we will share n drink the juice and then breakfast..!

Part 3

Madhu drinks the juice! RK says din ask u to clear ur eyes! He tries to lift his right hand to wipe her tears but is unable to..! Madhu lifts it for him and kisses his right hand..! Bittu comes and RK cribs. .Bittu ji and his timing.. hamari mohabbat ke kabab ka huge sa hadda..! Bittu says sorry ..i came at wrong time! Madhu says its fine. .when u dun come feels incomplete! RK says.. Pati Patni and Bit-WOH! Mehul says am here too..! Madhu says to sit so she can get something to eat! RK says..dun bring juice ..bring whiskey..! Madhu leaves from there! Mehul says lets talk of work! RK says fida on this ada of urs.. sit! Mehul says glad u like something about me! Mehul says.. 40% film is incomplete! Bittu says lets talk later! RK says work and time dun wait for anyone ..go ahead! Mehul says normal scenes are done but action scenes are left.. i know time is not right. but the more days go ..the budget goes up..! He says.. distributors are ready to drop the film .. media is spreading rumors.. n we dunno what to do..! RK says. .talk of core issue! Mehul says thot a lot and have a change .. this film is heroine oriented.. if we want we can make this Anamika centric.. we can remove action scenes..and make it romantic film ..this is last resort! Madhu hears and is shocked..! She drops the tray of tea and refreshments..! Mehul comes to Madhu and tries to explain! RK says cut it.. ur dialogs are over.. its my turn..! RK says.. dinno u love me so much ..that u wuld suggest such thing! This is not a daily soap..that one is sick and another is lead..! I know u consider Madhu is capable .. but here in Superstar RKs film Madhu is being launched not other way ..! Madhu is mum and Mehul Bittu stunned!

Precap — Pabho says.. while acting in films.. Madhu has started acting in real life..! Radha says in this house all are actors.. i dunno who to trust anymore! She says.. i have forgiven Madhu..! Pabho-Dips are shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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