Madhubala 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK taunts saying that duplicate has no identity so that will be his name! RK says.. u started the game. .n now it will be THE END!

KRK says.. game has just started..

RK says. .u need money.. so how much? RK says.. lemme guess.. 1 crore ..! Media asks thats the price of ur face? RK says.. RK is priceless but i m pricing the duplicate..

Media asks why not asking cops to look for him? RK says. no time.. to play hide n seek

Media suspects family members… RK says duplicate looks like some lowlife.. without any principles in life.. maybe his mom-dad are dead or he is an illegitimate child..! KRK breaks the tv!

Radha is upset hearing such words.. Madhu says.. only instigating the duplicate to expose him! RKs moby rings.. its KRK ..


says will show u my devil avatar now..! RK asks .. money is ok? KRK says .. i have guts.. calling from my number! Come find me! He asks RK to meet him in Filmistan studio..!

KRK says. my name is KRK not duplicate..
RK is packing money n Madhu offers to come along! RK resists..! He asks her to close her eyes.. n RK leaves..! Madhu keeps screaming after him! She calls RK the location .RK doesnt reply..!

KRK is praying and Bhujang is loading an injection to capture RK..! Kuku suggests to kill off RK ..! Bhujang says no ..not till we get property papers..!

Bittu tells Cop to get the location of KRK ..! Sikky guesses that RK-KRK will meet at the mela..

Meanwhile at Filmistan.. RK-KRK meet..! RK apologisez for coming late..! KRK says glad u came..! Duo are in front of each other n Kuku-Bhujang watch on tv but are confused ..!

RK-KRK argue about who is real n RK traps KRK about him being fake..! He offers KRK the money … n he says so much pride? RK says worked hard to earn them so..! They abuse each other about their upbringing .. !

Part 2

KRK taunts RK about his father having several illegitimate kids! Kuku says get the job done. .n talk less!

KRK tells RK .. voter list nikalo ..aur dekho kahan kahan faila hai baap ka paap..!

Bhujang fumes on KRK to do the job first..! He says.. ur angry now? I was too when u abused my parents..! KRK says… two people same faces …! Wanna ask god.. ‘ek ko banaya raja dusre ka bajaya band baja..!’

Part 3

Kuku tells KRK to hurry up..! KRK says.. before leaving.. lets hug..! RK says go find some dealer for that..! KRK says… just asking for a hug..! RK agrees..!

KRK offers to treat RK to village food.. n takes out the injection for RK..! Screen freezes..!

Precap — No precap

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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