Madhubala 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 6th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says he was in jail for few days. n he doesnt understand jokes? Bittu says what pings heart is not joke He says.. he has no idea what they went thru n RK says .. thats why he doesnt wanna go anywhere to trouble them

Radha arrives.. with Halwa…n calls out to him saying his fave halwa n RK says.. taught as kid.. not to talk or take anything from strangers Radha says Rishu n RK says.. not to shorten RK!

Radha asks what is he saying? RK says.. all lines busy never call ! Bittu says she is ur mom n RK says not my mom only MKs wife..who preferred to keep her hubbys lie alive..rather than tell her son the truth! Radha asks why not see th reason ..n RK says.. that doesnt change truth! He says..if only Radha had told him the truth. .he would not be this destroyed.. n Sultan wont have been in their life!

RK says. .world wouldnt call him a killer.. n Radha says she did it to save him from pain! RK asks.. if she can see how much he is in pain? RK says cant say such truth that hurts other.. and such lies can give pain only…n even moms blessing becomes lie..! RK says .. will never forgive for the lie..!

RK rushes for shoot… Madhu arrives.. n watches the show off..! Radha says.. say whatever.. n scream whatever.. but he cant change the truth that Radha is his mom..! He wasnt born on his own.. he needed her womb ..! Radha says one day he will have to return..!

Madhu asks what is this? RK says not now! He leaves.. Bittu follows..! Radha breaksdown and Madhu consoles..! Radha asks Madhu to support RK ..! She goes..!

RK shooting romantic sequence with heroine..! Madhu arrives..! RK says fell in love with her.. when he saw a glint of pain in her eyes and then a soft smile! RK says dunno ..that he was looking at her.. looking at becoming her dewana…! Madhu recollects Rishbala moments of past! Madhu grins that he remembers the moments where she fell for him! She smiles watching him go down on the knees before the heroine!

Sultan arrives there standing beside Madhu separated by the reflector…! He says… TICK TOCK …asks what is she doing? Time passing …loving RK? Director says cut n Sultan disappears.. !

RK turns n sees Madhu ..! He asks if she is fine? She says yes..! RK asks on set? Madhu says. .wanted to spend time! RK says dun lie.. Radha sent n Madhu says yes..! Madhu asks for chair.. n feeds him halwa.. she has made..! Her hand is shaking.. RK asks the matter?

Madhu says.. nervous for feeding superstar…Madhu says. Mr. India n RK says they arent love birds.. in jungle n Madhu says yes.. n all will go nuts seeing them..!

RK says she hasnt cooked… Madhu says.. Radha will be happy ..! They announce pack up..! Madhu says… she knows he likes the halwa made by Radha more! Madhu says.. in future if she is not there then n RK asks what?

Part 2

Madhu says nothing! RK asks what is the matter? Madhu says came to spend some time… for dunno when will get chance.. n coz I LOVE U! Madhu says.. jeeya na jaye.. aur jeena ka dil bhi kare..!

Madhu asks if he knows.. when she lost herself for him?

Part 3

Madhu says that night..when she saw pain in his eyes first time.. when she saw him laufing… [When Madhu had fed him] He dinno she was looking at him … n looking at herself falling in love! BG- Hum hai dewane! Madhu caresses RKs face n RK wipes Madhus tears!!

RK asks why? Madhu says dun stop … let me see…enouf to pass a lifetime Madhu doesnt let RK close her eyes.. and then he takes her aside n snow falls…!

RK says.. he is with her.. near her…! They hug!

Precap — SRK-RK-Madhu dance on Chennai Express song! Madhu comes and finds divorce papers kept on a table at the studio n Sultan comes and asks.. not signed yet? He holds Madhus hand and RK comes holding a boquet! He says. .u had died? Madhu rushes to him! Sultan takes out gun n points at RK!….

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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