Madhubala 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK switches on the light..n Madhu looks around the bedroom. .all decorated..with a bed in the middle.. ! She looks at RK with tears in her eyes..! RK makes her sit on the bed and sits down on the floor himself ..! Madhu calls out to RK n he looks all defeated and looks sadly at Madhu..! Sultan is driving his car at breakneck speed..! He receives a call from Paddo. .but does not answer..initially .. recollecting his dream of Madhu at the dargah .. her confession of love for RK…! Sultan rues that he is big fool..! Sultan calls Kaka and says to pack. .as they are leaving town! He asks the matter n Sultan says.. not needed.. just pack n keep Aryan ready..! Sultan keeps driving and recollects Madhu asking him to leave..! He fumes and ends up hitting a guy on the road..! Crowd assembles in front of the car..!

Madhu tells RK to listen to her one time..! RK gets up and says.. since morning ..he decorated the entire room ..with his own hands.. with the candles.. the flowers..for their first night.. for her..! He says that ..when Madhu was thinking he is a fool. .he was busy weaving a dream a fool ..for her..! RK breaks the flowers ..! RK says..that when he was trying to convince her of his true love..she was making a joke of his love..! Madhu asks RK to listen to her. n RK holds her hands n asks..what is left to hear?? RK says.. the man he hates the most.. was in his room ..on his wedding day..with his bride? RK asks Madhu.what Sultan was doing? RK says..he could have killed Sultan right there n then..for even talking to her..! RK says.. she was talking to Sultan.. about their love.. ?? He says..their love is not a statue in public garden to be unveiled before world! RK asks why Sultan was there? Madhu says.. so she could tell him..that ! RK says.. so he knew her plans.. her prem game? RK says..thats why he was telling her not to change her mind! Madhu says he heard Sultans questions. .atleast listen to her answers..! Madhu says..she thot ot taking revenge but changed her answer..! RK says.. why.?? Coz she felt pity?? RK says..when she returned.. after one whole day.. she came with resolve to take revenge.. from him .. to start her prem game..! Yes or no? Madhu says..yes..! RK asks if jumping from terrace was next step? Madhu says yes..! RK says…she was trapping him…to fool him…!

RK says..Madhu must be laufing ..when he was losing himself in her love.. when superstar RKs leg was stuck in her trap? RK asks if she was laufing? Madhu says never.. ! She says.she was dying..inside.. losing herself..! RK love n loss together? RK make him feel the pain of heart break.. to make him feel what it feels like in losing oneself in that pain! RK says ..congrats.. for ur victory..! The hurt she wanted him to feel.. he feels.. in his heart..! She must be happy?? RK says.. she was there to change him but changed herself? Madhu in tears…! RK says.. RK could not become Madhu . .but Madhu .. did become RK..! RK says.. he was trying to learn to love her..her way but she loved him .. his way? Madhu says. .no ..!

Sultan gets out of the car and goes to help the person! The person says.. no value of human life? Sultan apologises..! He helps the person stand up…! Its some roadside guy..! Crowd says.. the guy was to be blamed too . .he is drunkard too! The guy says.. m conscious..! Sultan says.. he is injured so he will take him to hosp..! He asks for money .and Sultan gives…! The person notices a pic in Sultans wallet.. n says.. Nazia…! He turns n walks away. but Sultan follows him …n manages to catch hold of him.. but the guy manages to wriggle free.. n get in a rick n go off..! However.. Sultan manages to snatch his locket ..!

Part 2

RK is walking away n Madhu asks RK not to turn away .. n to me.. n dun go away n says..cant live without u. .n will be destroyed without u! Madhu back hugs RK n says i love u. .n that he loves her too! RK says..that agreed Madhu changed her mind. but after this betrayal.. Madhu did plan to hurt him..! He rues that.. his Madhu could think of hurting him…n Madhu says…just thot.. but couldnt do..! Madhu keeps hugging RK! RK removes her hands and says… Hate… thats what he should feel for her..! He says.. everytime he sees her he should think of betrayal! Madhu apologises to him for thinking to hurt him! Madhu says..he cant leave her.. n go ..she cant live wihtout him! She talks of starting a new life..together! RK says.. Madhu was gonna tell him.. that she din wanna start their life.. on any lies..but when was she gonna tell him? In the morning.. afternoon.. evening. .now .. earlier.. later.. before wedding . .after wedding..or never??

Part 3

Madhu says.. she should have told him all this before.. but..! RK says. .BUT.. this but.. is what ends relations.. eats them up…! RK says.. Madhu should have told him..! RK asks why she delayed it for so long? Madhu says..coz she din wanna lose him . .n also..din wanna lose herself..with him..! Madhu says I am sorry! RK removes her hand from his face and says.. ..where has she gained him? Madhu is stunned..!

Precap — RK drives to the wedding venue with Madhu! He pulls Madhu by her arm n walks to the stage . .! Paddo- Dips watch shocked..! Press follows him..! A reporter says… its his wedding.. so thoda drama to banta hai..! RK glares at the reporter..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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