Madhubala 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says that kalyug started when film released n so Madhu din share this good news with others! RK asks u said no right? Madhu says. .din wanna tell ..coz its apshagun! RK asks for baby or u? RK says no matter how much u try to hide the truth it cant be hidden! The moment u realised film is hit.. u started to hide this news.. coz u realised.. that this baby was the roadblock of ur road to success.. n so u decided to remove it ..! Madhu is shocked! RK asks when did u decide? At the time of premiere or when the producer offered u Rs.2 Cr as signing amount? When did u decide? Madhu says last nite when i saw u.. i saw u were very upset. .n i thot u were upset about losing our baby..! Madhu says. .today morning saw u.. n felt u were in shock..! Madhu says.. i din think that ur crap

filled brain can think such crap. .n think that i wuld deliberately this! RK says i was thinking same ..but i saw a shine in ur eyes.. the desire to be in the world of fame..! RK says u dun have anything more to say i guess! Madhu says. am surprised that the same person is blaming me who wanted me to abort the baby and despite my refusal was forcing me! Madhu says today he is alleging me that i deliberately did this! Madhu says.. our baby knew that its dad wasnt happy having it in this world! RK is about to slap Madhu but stops..! RK throws things in the store room! RK says wont forget this ever.. that u sacrificed my baby for ur dreams.. n u will pay for this! Remember!

Madhu breaksdown ..!

Dips tells Pabho tired of all this noise.. RK shouts. n Madhu cries.. Madhu shouts n still cries! Pabho says..they both lost a baby! Dips says.. dun think it was her fault…! Pabho says wasnt. .but its a culmination of all the deeds.. nivarans worked n Madhu din get any peace! Dips says Madhu din eat Papita.. what do u think? All this is ur cooked lie! Dips says.. ur awesome! Pabho says… sit here n do my work .. n i will go counsel RK to get rid of Madhu from his life! Dips says sure ..coz i want Madhu out of this house as fast as possible! Dips says.. Kachra saaf ho raha hai to puri tarah se kyun nahi. .its time for u to go too..! Dips says. .this good deed will be done by me!

Madhu comes to Radha ..! She asks the matter? Asks her to rest! Madhu asks Radha if she thinks ..she deliberately get rid of the baby?? Pabho tells RK that whatever happened is a bad thing.. but all this culd have been avoided had Madhu been careful.! Pabho says told her to rest.. n be careful . but no ..she din listen! RK is drinking! Pabho says wondering if she was at all happy about this baby?? RK is quiet! Madhu asks Radha if she thinks Madhu din love the baby?? And lost is deliberately? Radha says i know u din do it on purpose but u din take care of the baby ..! Radha says despite my refusal. .u went to shoot n did a dangerous scene which was not right for kid! Madhu says.. that scene was important for film ..for this house.! Madhu says was fine after the scene..! Radha says cant support u.! Radha says there has to be a reason to believe u din make a mistake..!

Pabho tells RK that tho i try ..i cannot say Madhu is innocent..! Pabho says she did make a mistake.. call it carelessness . .we lost the baby. we have to accept this truth! Dips comes n says there is one more truth.. n that is we are responsible for it! Pabho asks how? Dips says.. if RK had not forced Madhu to do the film ..all this wont have happened.. n u too made a mistake..! Dips says. .u said that the tough nivarans u made Madhu do could have affected her too! Madhu leaves from Radhas room …! Dips says i blame myself too .. Madhu needed to be cared for.. n it was my duty but i culdnt..! RK keeps drinking! RK says enough. .dun wanna hear anything more.. not one more thing! RK walks off! Pabho follows him!

RK runs into Madhu at the end of the stairs in the hall..! Madhu looks sadly at RK ..who glares at her! RK walks off from there!

Part 2

Next day morning .. RK is on his way out n ends up seeing the newspapers with Madhus pic on front page n her being touted as the next big thing in Bollywood! RK slams the papers on the floor and walks off! He comes to the hosp to mee the girl he had knocked down in the accident!

He sees her tattoo n a while later grinds his teeth recollecting Madhus success..! His hand is on the girls hand n he removes it..when he realises..!

Part 3
RK is given the stuff of the girl..! He looks on at her necklace glasses n a wallet..! He finds a diary with the name Ria on it..! Sirf dil ka dhadakna zindagi nahi hai. . ! RK reads notes from her diary.. where she writes about trying things atleast once …driving rashly .. putting life in danger etc! RK says glad to meet u .. my life was like this before.. no one asked me anything n i din answer anything to anyone! Well get well soon!

RK is reading the girls diary some more..! Madhu comes in the room with tea/coffee but RK walks off! He reads further about the girls budday ..! He is intrigued! RK comes home later in the nite! Madhu is waiting for him! RK walks past her..! Madhu watches sadly! Dips-Pabho smirk! Fans surround RK asking for meeting Madhu .. n he fumes! He gets in the car n reads the diary ..again where the girl talks of being selfish..! A few days later RK is driving on the road n sees posters of Madhus movie all around .. he fumes..!!

Precap — Madhu tells RK that she is going to her moms place! RK tells Madhu that u never take any decision after asking me.. being heroine.. having the baby ..then not having it.. ! Tell driver where u want to go.. he will take u ! Madhu breaksdown!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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