Madhubala 5th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu getting angry on the tantrik. Dida says wait for some time, and you will get out of RK’s control. Madhu says your eyes got blurred, not me. Leela says see her, Dau ji and RK did magic on her, she does not know whom is she arguing to. Madhu says enough Mami, you are saying anything. Leela says if RK did not do anything, why did he want to send tantrik back. Dida says see Madhu, I will go if you don’t listen to me, as I can’t see you being a puppet for him. Madhu asks why is she doing this, can’t she see this tantrik is doing this for money. Dida says let this happen if you love and trust me, this will not harm you. Madhu sits.

Dau ji comes and sees Madhu sitting. He asks Dida to stop it, as he won’t let this happen. Dida argues with him. Dida asks him to leave, as this is her home, else she will insult him. Dau ji says I can get insulted, but not see Madhu insulted, I came to take Madhu. Dida asks him to go. Agni messages Leela that she has done her work, now lets see what happen there. She calls Leela to find out. Leela says its great happening here, you have sent tantrik and its fire here, RK and Madhu’s love will burn now.

Dida and Leela asks tantrik to start it. He says if RK and Madhu stay together, then RK will die. And Madhu and her child will also be harmed. Madhu thinks RK’s disease. Leela thinks how did she give money to tantrik. She asks him to something that their roots of the relation can break. She asks him to scare Madhu with RK’s death and scare RK with baby’s death, when both are scared then they will do what we will write in their fate. RK comes there and Madhu gets up. Dida scolds RK and he argues with her.

Dida asks tantrik to say what will happen with RK. He says death is chasing you and your baby, so it will be good if you and your wife stay apart. If you both stay together, you and your child will die. Dida says it means till you get the child, you have to stay away. The tantrik says when you get the child, death yog will go. RK says I won’t believe you, now you say when is death in your Kundli, you will face it in two mins. Leela says he came for your good, be calm. RK asks how much money did you get. I wil not give my Rani to you. Dida says whats this Rani, she is my daughter Madhu. RK says I will talk to you after he goes. Madhu looks on worried. The tantrik leaves. Madhu cries.

Leela asks Dida and RK not to fight, and ask Madhu what is her decision, with whom will she stay, Dida or RK which can ruin everyone. Madhu thinks about RK’s health and says you and our child is very precious to me, which I don’t want to lose, so I can sacrifice anything to save both of you. She says I can stay away for 9 years too. Leela smiles. RK is shocked. He says listen to me. Dida says Madhu told her decision, respect it and go. RK says you are planning this to separate us and Madhu is not understanding. Madhu thinks she should not give tension to him. RK asks her to talk him in private. Dida asks him to go. RK leaves.

Dau ji talks to Bittu and says this is not right, Dida is blaming us. RK comes and says they are planning to separate us, I tried to make things fine, but they kicked me out. Dau ji asks what happened now. RK stops saying. Leela calls Agni and gives good news. Agni praises her and is happy. Leela says we have made them apart in 2100 rs, they will be away for 9 months, and till then time will change, as we will change world. Agni says you did Rs 10 crores in 2100rs. Leela smiles. (2100 slaps from my side to this selfish Leela!!) Madhu thinks what to do, as she is making RK go back on his wrong path, she loves RK and can’t run form truth, she has to walk with trust, why is she weakening her trust, Lord gives life and death, one wrong move can change destination. RK looks at their home and is upset.

Dau ji says lets go home now. RK says try to understand, they planned this smartly, I will not leave her, we will take her. Dau ji says she is not a kid to believe them, but she has insulted us infront of them. He asks him why did Madhu not clear to Dida that you did not keep her by force, she is staying with you by happiness, but she did not say. I can’t bear more insult now, lets go now. He says come with me to village, our home. RK says Rani? Dau ji says we will get her to us by making our goons get her. Bittu comes and asks why are they serious.

Dau ji says your family gave us so much respect that we got burdened. Bittu consoles him and asks him not to flow in emotions and says RK you know how we made this garage and started this work. He asks RK not to worry about Madhu. RK says I did not feel bad when Dida called tantrik, but how can Madhu agree to him. He says I won’t let anything wrong happen in my life. Leela stops Madhu from going to RK. Dida too stops her, but Madhu goes. Madhu says RK, I need to talk to you. RK says say in two mins. Everyone looks on.

RK says I was 12 years when my parents got dead infront of my eyes, tell me what happened to me. Madhu says his life is in danger and she can’t say anything. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. Confirm madhubala runs 4 month coz abbay kapoor return ,next , madhu knew that she is daughter of real star

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