Madhubala 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 5th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhu answering Abhay and applying Havan kund’s ashes to her forehead. She tells him to think about the will, as everything will be lost from his hands in two days. Abhay thinks that he shared the property thing with her. He tells her that he needs money to help people, he does not want money for his own. He asked Madhu to think about poor people whom they can help together. Madhu says I will happily sleep on the ground, what about you, when you lose the property? She says stop thinking about me and start thinking about yourself as I don’t have anything to lose but you have everything to lose. Everyone looks on. She goes to her room.

Abhay gives a I don’t care expression. RK sticks Abhay’s pic to his mirror. Madhu comes and sees him talking to Abhay’s pic. RK asks Madhu am I looking a hero? She asks what did you want to give me. He says wait, I will bring. He gives her the peacock feather. He says Tamanna scolded me because of this and those bad villains pushed me down. Madhu says so thiss feather has saved him. She asks him to keep it, as its a gift for him. RK says no, if you want to give something, give me a toy. She says its Kanha ji. He asks what is Kanha. Madhu thinks how to explain him. He asks if he superhero. Madhu says yes. RK says tell me any story of him. Madhu tells him about Kanha’s birth in Mathura and when he was small like you…. RK says I m not small, I m a hero. She says fine, Kanha is the biggest hero.

RK says show me his films. She says when you think of him by heart, you will see him, he stays in us and is powerful. She says he can lift a mountain by one finger. He asks more about Kanha. She says he does not beat anyone, but save everyone and smile. RK smiles and says like this? She says yes, like this. He asks who is the villain in his story? Madhu says Kans, but Kanha is not afraid of anyone. She says Kanha is strong, if you are in any problem, think about him and keep the feather with you always, say will you keep it. She turns to see RK sleeping.

Madhu covers him with the blanket and goes to sleep removing her spects. She thinks about Abhay’s talking to Bittu and what Bittu told about Dida’s health condition. She gets up and calls Bittu. Bittu asks her where is she and Dida is also asking a lot about her. Madhu asks how is she now. Bittu says there is no improvement, it will take more time, focus on work, I m here, don’t worry. Madhu says take care of Dida and don’t worry about me, the work is more here so not finding time to call, I will call later. Bittu says take care and be happy, I will manage everything here.

Dolly and her husband have a talk about Abhay’s wife. He praises her and says your mind is not working. She says the property is Abhay’s and will he his always. He says lets find some other way. Nikhil and Pam also have a talk that Abhay will be unmarried in two days. Pam says we will be the owners of Rs. 1000 crores. Tamanna looks on. Pam asks how did Abhay come to know about the will. Ananya says look at Abhay, he is in so much pain. Pam scolds her and says we will be free soon, whats wrong with you, is it you told Abhay about the will? Naina says what, I don’t believe this, you see only property for which you are blaming your daughter. She leaves. Pam says how did Abhay know…….

Its morning, Madhu does Kanha’s puja and RK comes brushing. He looks at her and she turns to see him. She says go fast and freshen up. He leaves. He comes back. She asks him to pray and shows Kanha ji. RK takes the feather and looks at the Kanha idol. Madhu does the aarti. RK prays and acts kiddish. He takes the flute from Kahna’s hands and stands like him trying to play it. He plays it and Madhu looks at him. She asks him to keep it back and smiles. RK says I won’t give and runs. Dolly comes and RK stops. RK keeps the flute and says sorry. Madhu keeps it back in Kanha’s hands. Dolly apologizes to Madhu and says I know what happened with you is wrong, I m sorry.

Madhu says no need to apologize, you thought about me, its enough. Dolly smiles and says make food what you want to eat in the kitchen. RK plays with remote car. He feels bored and sees Madhu’s phone. He smiles and calls Bittu. Madhu is coming to her room. RK says I m Raju, not Madhu, who are you. Bittu says I m Bittu. RK says Bittu Bittu……..Bittu saays give the phone to Madhu. Madhu is shocked hearing Bittu’s name from RK. RK sings Bittu Bittu………. Madhu says Mama Chacha……….

Abhay calls Madhu and RK for breakfast. RK tells Madhu he will have breakfast with Abhay. Madhu tries to stop him but he does not listen to her. Madhu prays to Kanha ji as she does not know Abhay’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Stop rk. Are ak the stupid will torture madhu and rk but madhu will fight against ak stupid

  2. But no only story is more interesting than before because of rk(vd)

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