Madhubala 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

All are screaming seeing blood from Bebe’s nose ..! AK is trying to reach upstairs but lift is stuck..! Nikhil says.. lets see how anyone reaches Bebe… by the time anyone reaches after  climbing 30 floors.. Bebe will be gone!Dolly fumes on Nikhil …and Annie says.. dun blame him .. n asks servant to search for meds..! Nurse says.. get another set..!AK asks security the matter…n Madhu suggests to climb stairs.. ! AK says.. till 30th floor? Dolly calls AK n tells about the matter with Bebe n he runs to climb stairs..!

Nikhil overhears footsteps n hides..Annie tries Nikhils phone too but no response..

Dolly keeps fuming on all .AK and Madhu are tired rushing thru te flight of stairs but manage to reach..! AK fumes on all …Madhu suggests to

help out with household treatment..
Madhu helps out and AK comes … with doc…! Doc appreciates Madhu ..! Annie thanks Madhu ..! Dolly asks about her… n says.. u remind me of GEET .. aka Kareena.. of Jab We Met
AK asks where is Nikhil n he says.. playing Bhag Nikhil Bhag with Bebe’s meds!Doc scolds all ..and Nikhil comes n AK fumes on him for meds..!Nikhil lies that meds are with Dolly ..

Part 2
Bebe thanks Madhu n says… this is second time.. God saved .. or death had sent friend request.. second time n Madhu says block it..

Madhu says.. u will be better n Bebe says… u talk sweeter than u look!

Part 3

Bebe says.. thot to see AK’s face when i open my eyes.. but u will do! Madhu says.. be glad u saw my face n can smile.. or AK’s face will make u sulk ..!

Nurse stops Bebe from laufing n Madhu says just smile!

Madhu says will take care of u from hence Bebe!

Pam defends Nikhil saying told him to go to PR agency ..n feigns innocence! Pam blames herself..!

Tittu brings meds n Nikhil asks from where ? He says.. our room! Dolly is shocked! She screams on Nikhil for trapping her..! All blame Dolly …! AK says Bebe is alive only coz of Madhu..! He says now Madhu will look after Bebe!

AK says..from now.. i will decide who will take care of Bebe..!

Precap: Lela says.. have to keep begging for money in this house..! She asks Madhu to finish her breakfast n asks where do u work? Madhu starts to couf!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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