Madhubala 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu crying seeing Dida. Dida says you got married Madhu. Madhu folds her hands. Dida is shocked and sits. Everyone dances at Leela’s home. Bittu comes and asks whats going on. Leela thins if he knows about Madhu’s marriage then………He sees RK and is shocked seeing him. RK meets Bittu and says I heard a lot about you. He greets him and Bittu stares at him. RK hugs him. RK says I m Raja Kuswa, I m Madhu’s husband, I came here for Patphere ritual. Leela says I did not do anything, Madhu married him by her wish. Bittu cries.

Madhu says Dida trust me, I was coming to tell you everything. Dida cries and scolds Madhu. She says you have ruined all my values and morals. Madhu says sit first, then I will tell you what happened with you, how I got married. Dida says what will you say. Sunny comes and holds Dida. Everyone come and Sunny asks them to leave. He asks Dida to come home. She looks at Madhu and asks whom did you get that you forgot me. She sees RK coming and is shocked.

Dida touches RK and hugs him believing her son is back. She cries and says Rishabh, how did you come back. Leela and Sweety greet Dida. Leela says he is Madhu’s husband, your son in law. Dida loons on and says I knew this, my Kanha will give me back my son. She says I was angry seeing Madhu’s sindoor, but I did not know he will be my reason to live. I saw my son again. RK is puzzled. Dida says for me, this is a miracle. RK says yes, we did a mistake, we married without asking you. He apologizes to her. Dida says no, when I saw your face, I have forgiven you.

She smiles and says this is such a big miracle. Madhu looks on. Dida says my Madhu is lucky. RK says I promise I will always ask you before doing any work. He says you will always stay with us. Bittu says come. Leela takes Dida. RK talks to Madhu saying see even your Dida has accepted our marriage, now where will you run, you wanted to go to her to Mathura, see she came here, it means the world wants to unite me and you. Hum hai deewane……………….plays……………..

Dau ji falls trying ti sit on the chair. Everyone complain about the new place and says lets go back to our village, Dau ji thinks he won’t leave without RK. RK calls him and tells him about Madhu’s grandma coming so he has to stay there for one night. RK says they will feel bad if I refuse to stay, I will come in morning. Dau ji says do what they say and ends the call. Dau ji gets angry and leaves.

Dida is veery happy seeing RK and Madhu married. She says I could not see her marriage. RK says we will marry again. Sweety gets jealous. RK asks her to do some work and call pandit. RK tells Madhu that he will keep a puja for Dida to pray for her long life. Dida smiles and asks why this. RK says as you are ill and can’t go to temple, so we will pray here. Dida becomes very happy and says Madhu is very lucky to get a husband like you. RK says hear Madhu, you are lucky that you got me. He looks at her and she turns. RK does the puja with Dida. Some mantras play……………… Dida looks at RK and smiles. The pandit says the puja is complete now, we will do aarti. RK gives the aarti to Dida and then everyone.Dida says I wish Lord keeps my children happy and together. RK says Madhu, you also pray that we stay happy and together. He says your anger kills me. They have an eyelock.

Madhu puts RK behind jail. He says if I love my wife, how is it a rape.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

  1. Lourdes Chremoline

    Man great epsiode <3 luv it tears ran down yaar 🙂 Luv u colors luv U Rajbala <3

  2. Why raja went jail

  3. Power pact.thank u so much colors and abinav sir.

  4. What madhu is doing like idot . Don’t like madhu behaviour. Nice episode radha and bitto fina found the truth

  5. Plz repeat the episode at previous timings at 10 am

  6. Meiej serial very very good and dd very very beautiful but plz my request ak ko bulalo warna iam not watching this show;->

  7. Plz iam not watching this show but because ak is not coming this show plz ak returning this show meiej ok.

  8. Plz abinav sir ak ko bulalo plz wara muje upna favirate show meiej dekh na chor na hi ho ga?

  9. Madhubala ek ishq ek junoon is very very very hit and excellent show and powerful story my wish ye show hamasha hit raha and dd is very beautiful and smart girl.

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