Madhubala 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhu says she will bring breakfast 4 rk n leaves. Rk n radhaji looks at each other.
Radhaji calls out rk’s name.
Rk ask her if she wants to say anything. Radhaji says madhu is worried so rk has to take care of her. Rk nods n radhaji leaves.
Rk keeps on smiling.

In chawl Padmini cleans d kitchen n recollects d incidents happened in studio n rk’s question abt Padmini n malik feeling eachothers pain n madhu ask her to get married to malik. Padmini cries n does her chant.

Padmini opens a bag n takes out a photo which was taken after madhu’s birth.
Padmini remembers malik teach trishna n entertaining baby madhu. She takes madhu’s birth certificate n remember malik signing papers as madhu ‘s father. Finally takes out a saree n remembers balraj chasing her n throws d saree.
Malik comes there with a plate. Padmini wipes her tears n looks at malik’s bandaged finger.
Padmini : malik what happened to ur hand?
Malik: I didn’t know how to do n no practice. So cut my finger while cooking. I know u didn’t eat anything maybe not in a mood to eat. So I cooked 4 u.
I know u r worried abt what happened y’day. Before I start speaking I ask forgivness 4m u coz if I don’t talk this now n I can’t speak 4 my whole life.
When u n children came into my life I never had d chance to think n I never thought it was necessary to think. I didn’t think what n why those things happened n what will happen in future. When it happened a beautiful life came infront me. I started living that life infact I never felt like living before u came. If I don’t care abt my earlier life then who would? But within these few questions raised abt our relation n give it a name. so first time in life I started thinking what is d relation bwt us n why. I felt like I found d relation bwt us. Our relation is based on trust, respect, caring eachother, n from my side this relation is coz of love.
Padmini ask him to stop.

Malik: don’t stop me. To think n realize I took 20 years. I don’t think I’ll get another chance. I’m not ashamed or scared to say this coz I’m saying it with pure heart. I was all alone before I met u. but now I don’t want to be alone. After u n children came it felt like it won’t be a life without u people. I didn’t have d courage to ask what ur thinking. I just thought its important to say this to u. n one more thing I will never think abt anything other than u n children. I will be happy till ur happy. For that I will always ask god to keep u happy. I trust u’ll understand what I said n u’ll eat d food I cooked.

Padmini looks at d food n thinks abt malik’s words.
Padmini starts eating d food made by malik crying.

Next day morning in rk’s room madhu opens her eyes but rk ask her to close her eyes n madhu does.
Rk takes madhu’s hand.
Rk: madhu when ever I troubled u, u used to say a prayer. Now say that na.
Madhu says d prayer n rk repeats her every line.
Madhu: apne maa ka sahare ( with my mothers support)
Rk stops saying n madhu ask him why he stopped.
Rk: this time with my rk’s support
Madhu repeats rk’s words n completes her chant smiling.
Rk: now u can open ur eyes. I’m always with u. have faith today would be a bigday.
Madhu: I know
Rk: this day would be nice ahead. Madhu: yes it would be.
They look at each other. Rk gets up n madhu stops him. Rk looks at her.
Madhu : rk I love u .
Rk: biwi me too. I love me.
Madhu throws a pillow at rk. He set that in its right place. Madhu smile at rk while he lraves.

In chawl Padmini goes to return the to malik. She hesitates before d door n call out malik. She turns to leave as he doesn’t answer. But she sees malik bed hasn’t been set. So she goes inside d house n finds malik’s trunk empty.
Padmini takes a letter from d tunk n reads it.
In letter malik wrote he cannot break her heart. But last 2 days it has been happening coz of him. He is ashamed of himself n can’t forgive himself.i don’t have d courage to stand before u. so I’m leaving. Don’t blame urself n be happy. Forgive me if u can.

Padmini cries n says ha can’t leave her n starts to run. Padmini running in roads n searching. She calls madhu from pco n says malik left. Madhu ask what does she mean by malik left? Padmini says malik left them n cries.

Precap:: bittuji drops balraj in chawl saying trishna stays there. Balraj abt to enter chawl but then stops seeing Padmini. Madhu follows Padmini smiling. Balraj watch them shocked.

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