Madhubala 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 4th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK comes in the store room n looks at the cradle..! He recollects showing it to Madhu and all his dreams attached to it..! His excitement to be a dad..! His face is crinkled in pain! Bittu calls RK n says the girl is safe and is being cared for and she has not levied any charge on u! He ask how Rishbala are? RK says..there are others taking care of Madhu ..! Bittu says.. u both lost the baby.. u need to be with Madhu..! RK cuts the call.. n fumes!

Madhu is sitting on the bed! RK gives her water to take meds! RK helps Madhu to lie down..! He puts the blanket on her! He asks her to sleep! Madhu calls out to him and asks if he is ok? RK says am ok. u rest! Madhu says wanna stay with u! RK says have work. .will finish n come! RK walks off! Madhu wonders why RK is running away

from her?

Dips comes to Pabho..! Pabho asks what did u come here for? Dips says.. congratulate u. .that ur biggest wish is getting fulfilled..! The bitterness between Rishbala has increased tenfold.. RK mite not say but his eyes are raining venom for Madhu! Dips says. .Madhus success .. has made him insecure n now losing baby has made him furious! Pabho says so days are numbered for Madhus exit? Dips says yes.. the way things are going. its possible happen soon!

RK switches on TV and news says.. in 3 days.. record breaking collection of Ishq ..n industry got great talent in Madhu! RK fumes n switches off the TV! Madhu is teary eyed.. n looks at RK ..who is fuming ..! He recollects how he had tried to stop Madhu from doing the dangerous stunt n she had insisted! He recollects Docs words of stress.. ! RK walks off! Madhu cries..! BG- Is pyaar ki dekho rusvayi.!

Next day morning.. Madhu comes n finds RK sleeping on the couch in the hall of their room..! She brings tea for him! RK asks if she is fine? Madhu says.. u were gonna come near me? RK gets up and walks off! Madhu follows him n asks for answer! RK says was busy! Madhu says not about last nite..! RK walks off! Servant is brings breakfast.. ! RK says will eat downstairs.. he walks off! Madhu says wanna talk . .RK says nothing happened..going downstairs!

At breakfast table.. Radha asks where is Madhu? RK says wont come downstairs! Radha offers to take breakfast for Madhu upstairs! Pabho offers to make Paratha. .n says. .oh during shooting she used to eat Fruits.. hope she din eat Papita! Radha says. no she knew what to eat or not! Pabho says todays kids dunno anything! RK asks what do u mean? Dips says.. shouldnt eat Papita during pregnancy. .it affects the baby! Pabho asks did u order papita? Radha says yes..! Pabho says so this is the reason.. due to which RK culdnt become dad! Dips says sure.. Madhu ate Papita! RK says dun wanna hear anything more on this..! RK walks off! Dips smiles!

Madhu comes in the store room and looks at the cradle! She looks at the baby pics..n cries!

Part 2

RK comes to Madhu n says u wanted this? Madhu says meaning? RK says whatever happened.. after that when i look at u .. i ..! He glares. .n turns to leave! Madhu says.. wanna talk to u.. wanna know what is going on with u? Madhu says needed u yesterday n u were not with me. .we both lost our baby ..! We are in pain! RK says. .lost?? Madhu says what do u mean? RK says did we lose the baby or u deliberately? Madhu says. .what do u mean. i deliberately?? RK says.. answer.. if it was an accident or u deliberately killed our baby?? Madhu fumes.. n says how dare?? She says ur blaming me? I did it deliberately .. ?? RK says when a dad loses his kid.. he has the right to ask.. why? RK says Doc said that it happened coz of mental n physical stress in past days! Madhu says yes.. but i took care of our baby! RK says u din care for urself nor my baby..! RK says despite me telling u no . u did that climax scene urself.coz u cared for ur performance . .the applause.. the awards..! RK says ‘ Tumhare liye Ek superstar banne ka nasha.. ek maa banne ki parva se badhkar tha’ ! Madhu says. .it was required for ur movie.. for its success! RK says. .was this an accident or happened at the cost of ur dreams?? Madhu asks him to shut up! RK says u cant shut me up .it was ur dreams.. that took our baby from me! Madhu pushes RKs hand away n throws the baby frame at him! RK fumes!

Part 3

Madhu says am sure it hurt u.. but not as much as much ur words hurt me! U are alleging me? After seeing my love for the baby?? Madhu says am hating u.. ur thots! RK says truth is bitter! RK says a guilty cannot face truth . n hates it! Madhu says.. not truth ..! Madhu says i hate ur thots.. ur courage to say such rude things! Madhu says u know.. all this is a lie.. ! Madhu says u r insulting every mom in the world.. ! Madhu says.. how dare u say such things about a mom? RK says.. who gave u rights to dream of being superstar at the cost of my baby?? RK says..during film set i may be careless but every person in this house is saying all happened coz of u! Madhu closes her ears! RK says i can prove it. . ! A woman like u ..who knows what to eat n what not to eat during pregnancy. .despite knowing .. u ate papita! Madhu says i din eat papita.. i know what is good ..or not for my baby! Madhu says.. am not fool..! RK says ur not fool..ur shrewd! Madhu says. .i swear on u.. ever since i found out about the baby . i havent eaten papita..! RK says. .then why everyday on table there was papita? Madhu says dunno! RK says stop lying! Madhu says i was happiest with this news.. i fought with u for keeping the baby! RK says u did .. .. film ke release ke pehle.. mamta bhara yug aur film ke release ke bad kalyug..! RK says.. first time when u saw u were praised.. u changed.. u wanted it .. u wanted more!

Precap – -RK says when u found out the truth.. u realised that the baby was a roadblock for u. n so u decided to get rid of it! Madhu says.. guess our baby knew that its dad wasnt happy to have it in this world..! RK is about to slap Madhu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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