Madhubala 3rd January 2013 Written Episode Update

Part 1

RK tells Madhu to let the nite pass.. for who knows.. next morning mite bring good news ..! He says.. something good will happen n bets Rs. 100 with Madhu..! RK says.. the 100 rs will b precious n Madhu says.. losing the bet will be sweetest ever!

Next day Paddo is making preps for puja! Trish asks about Shammo n says.. he din come home! Paddo says.. no. n that he can fend for himself..! Trish tells Paddo that RK did childish act .. but RK-Glycerine were not wrong! Paddo tells Trish not to talk on this n come to temple with her!

At the temple Trish gets Ballus agents call but doesnt take..! Paddo asks her to receive and goes inside to worship..! Trish cuts the call Paddo does the puja..! Paddo turns n sees Radha..! Radha inquires about Govardhan vrat.. n Paddo explains the Mathura-Shri Krishna thingy..! She talks of it being related to hubby-wifey thing also..! Radha apologises to Paddo about RKs doing ..! Paddo avoids the discussion..!

Radha talks of her decision to re-marry.. a touf decision but it being in the interest of RK…! She rues about marrying but ending up losing her son! She praises Paddos luck of how her kids want her to have a new life! Radha praises Paddos guts and gumption of leaving her hubby to save her kids..! Praises Shammos support in her life..!

Ballu arrives driving his ambulance!

Radha asks what is wrong in the suggestion of the kids .. rather Paddo is wrong to carry on the past relation..! Paddo tells Radha ..she cant do it..! Radha says.. her kids will leave one day.. then how will she pass life? Radha tells Paddo to break old ties to forge new ones! Radha tells Paddo that the darkness from her life is gone n its time to illuminate her life..!

Ballu pops up in front of Trish..! Ballu salutes the temple saying he must be happy seeing Ballu there.! Trish calls out ‘Maa’!

Radha apologises to Paddo if her words hurt her but asks to consider! The duo are coming down the steps of temple

Part 2

Trish tells Ballu .. YES ..will do movie..! Ballu shakes her hand..! She asks Ballu to leave ..!Paddo tells Radha she doesnt wanna talk on this..!Ballu leaves..!

Paddo asks Trish the matter and why she is panic stricken? Paddo introes Trish to Radha!

Radha tells Madhu to cheer up.. ! She says..she talked to Paddo..! Madhu says..her mom is stubborn! Radha says they need to give them time..! Madhu rues if they are taking them apart? RK says.. as much Madhu cries in a day.. it doesnt rain so much in Rajasthan in the whole year!

Part 3

RK tells Madhu that she gave her so much lecture about love n trust then why is she crying? RK says..he was told to prove.. not just speak..she meant it or just said to increase TRP?? Madhu says.. RKs style is to create bigger wound near old wound so one doesnt feel the pain!

Precap — Paddo comes home n sees Shammos stuff one.. n a letter left for her..! Paddo runs on the road to stop him..!
Rishbala say.. they are with us for 6 days now

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