Madhubala 3rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 3rd August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan tells Madhu she has two ways – (i) Break RKs heart – Keep him alive and come with me (ii) RK is being taken to crematorium n Madhu repenting not listening to him!

Madhu is scared n Sultan says.. heart decided… Cant see RK dead so leave him ..n say .. u dun love him .. Divorce him!

Madhu says he wont believe it.. Sultan says..she has to convince him..! Sultan says.. if he wants he can kill RK n take her forcibly n no one can doubt him as he is dead!

Sultan says just for Madhu he is keeping his dads illegitimate son (RK) alive.. so DECIDE! Sultan gives divorce papers to Madhu n gives 24 hours deadline saying ,.. .get it signed or will sign RKs dead body! Madhu is struggling. .n asks for time till RK is ok . .n says 24hours is too less..!

Sultan says.. even if he is ok .. he will end up here after knowing Madhu broke his heart!

Sultan says.. time STARTS NOW!!!!

Madhu checks the video recording.. n it has Sultans video .. ! She is about to send it when Sultan takes moby n deletes the vid ..!

He says she doesnt know him …he could have caught her before but she was happy recording so he let her. .as he wants to see her happy …n says .. he isnt a fool to keep proof behind! He leaves!

BG – Kyun Adhuri .. Alvida ..

Madhu watches RK and recollects past moments..! She imagines. RK getting up and wiping her tears and her holding on to his hand! Her dream breaks n she sees RK sleeping on bed!

Next day morning RK calls for Madhu but she is not there! Bittu rushes to him … RK says called Madhu .. where is she? Bittu says was here all night must be at washrom! Divorce papers are ruffling coz of wind . n RK asks whats the noise?

RK rues that Madhu has starting to lose it.. she thinks Sultan is alive n chasing RK ..! Bittu says tried to console her .. n RK says.. she is losing coz he n his lawyer r not letting RK come out of jail …! Bittu says tried n RK says this is no blot on tshirt that is gonna b washed off like Gangubai… have 24hours.. go n set matters right.. with lawyer..! Bittu says ok ..!

He turns n the divorce papers are lying on floor…! He pics up and Madhu snatches it from him ..! Madhu stammers n says where was he? Called n says IV is nurse n Bittu goes… a bit confused..!

RK says.. dinno .. making excuse to spend time with hubby ..! She asks how r u? RK he should be after meeting her . .in love with life..! But why is she not the same? Whats matter? Madhu stammers…nurse comes..! RK asks Madhu to go home n rest.. n Bittu will stay back..!! Bittu says her to go n shares doc has talked of releasing RK ..

Madhu agrees but asks Bittu to tell Chief .. to take care n RK says to tell Bhabhi ji will take care of self for her! She leaves!

RK says.. if Bittu doesnt get him bail in next 24 hours ..will say Bittu was involved in killing Sultan! Radha asks how is RK? She says will be discharged … n Radha thanks God! She is emotional ..thinking ..of losing RK .. ! Madhu recollects Sultans ultimatum .. n resolves .. Mera RK aapka Rishu ..uspe Bappa ka ashirwad hai ..nothing can happen..!

Madhu walks in her room in a daze .. thinking of Sultans offer!

Part 2

Madhu hears footsteps so hides the divorce papers..! Paddo asks the matter? Madhu says Sultan is dead… Paddo asks if she is ok? Madhu says .. just an imagination … She reasons ..thot so much that imagined all .. she rues.. losing control ..of mind n heart..!

Paddo asks what? Madhu says. .thot he was alive but Sultan is dead..! Paddo calms her..!

Part 3

Paddo asks how to prove RK is innocent? Right then Dips comes.. with servant having fan mails from RKs fans..! Dips makes Mangesh put the mails down n slips in one envelop from Sultan!

Madhu reads the fanmails n recollects her saying Big Fan of RK n love u..! She then opens Sultans cover which has ’24 hours or else’ n inside pic of RK-Madhu at hosp n a CROSS MARK on RK !

Precap — Madhu hides papers in the drawer.. n she calls for RK n gets to know he has been released a few hours back..! She tries RKs cell but moby unreachable ..! Madhu scared..

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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