Madhubala 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhay asking Madhu to do first aid to RK. RK goes to his room with Madhu. Bebe is hurt seeing all this happening with Madhu. She scolds Abhay and says the Lord will never forgive you for this. Pam says welcome Bebe to come on our side leaving Abhay. Abhay says I don’t care Bebe. He says Madhubala Kundra, its your turn to suffer now. Madhu does the first aid to RK’s hand. RK says no. She says its necessary as your hand is bleeding. He says no, don’t touch. Madhu says it will hurt only a little then you will be fine. She asks will you apply it yourself. He says yes, I will apply. He closes his eyes and she says you won’t be able to….. He says I can, as my hero said I m brave. He throws the cotton and lies on the bed.

She says is it paining. He sleeps hugging

the toys. She does her sleeping arrangements and goes to turn off the lights. She thinks how he reacted when the lights went off. She keeps the lights on and goes to sleep on the floor. Madhu think about Abhay’s love for her. And how he proposed to her with love. She thinks how Abhay cheated her by making her marry someone else. Its morning, RK wakes up and comes to Madhu with a knife in his hand. Madhu is sleeping and she opens her eyes waking up. She is shocked seeing the knife and gets up. She asks what are you doing. RK dances saying the doll got scared.

He says I did not bring this to scare you but to cut the apple. I m hungry, cut this apple for me. He says fast, I m hungry. Madhu looks at him. He opens Madhu’s bag and has a peacock feather in his hand. She takes it from his hand and says its not a toy. RK watches cartoons and asks for the apple. He says your name is Madhubala right? Hero called you Madhubala, but I will call you Gudiya. He says give me the apple. Abhay comes to have some fun seeing Madhu’s tragedy. Abhay says Raju…. and smiles…….. RK smiles seeing him and is happy seeing Abhay. RK says hello hero, how are you. Abhay says sorry I m disturbing husband and wife, I thought to ask you how was your suhaagraat.

RK asks what is this suhaagraat. Abhay says ask your doll. RK asks Madhu what is suhaagraat. RK says oh, 1 min, and goes. Abhay sees the apple and says very nice, great you are serving your husband. RK brings a bag and gifts him a painting with My hero written on it. He says I made it. Abhay says very nice and shows it to Madhu. Abhay says you got a talented husband. RK asks what is talented. Abhay says you, but its just one night, lets see we will see more of his talents that you will be shocked on your fate. Abhay looks at the cartoon and says see this sample. Abhay asks RK to catch him as he will run. RK is happy. Abhay runs and RK tries to catch him moving Madhu.

RK falls and gets hurt. Abhay asks what happened, are you hurt, a hero does not get hurt, heroes does not get pain. RK repeats his lines. Abhay says very good, lets play. They continue messing up the room. RK gets tried and coughs. Abhay says I forgot to tell you that he can’t run, as he runs short of breath. Madhu leaves from the room. Abhay calls RK his hero. Madhu cries.

Abhay asks Madhu why is she crying. Madhu says let him go, he is innocent. Abhay says you fell in love with him in one day. She says punish me, but not him, let him go. Abhay smiles and says I legally adopted him. Madhu is shocked. Abhay says now he is stay here, this is his house. He says I don’t believe marriage is for seven births, I know one thing, that you are his wife and this is your heaven and hell. Madhu says no Sir, he will be torn is our revenge, he needs love and care. Abhay tears the painting RK made and throws in her face.

Abhay says you will stay here in this house. Madhu thinks of his words and says this is not justice, I lied to you, but why to punish RK, it is not his mistake. She says I will have to leave this house. She says I will tell Dida everything, she loves and she will forgive me. I will not let RK go through all this. Madhu comes to RK and leaves taking her bag. She walks on the road thinking about Abhay’s words. She thinks about RK and stops. She thinks how Abhay threatened about Dida and her talk with Abhay. She thinks what to do now,

RK gets unwell shouting he wants to go to Madhu. Abhay asks the servants to find his inhaler else he will die.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. Vivian acts well as his character I was convincd he was actually lyk dat even drashti is gud actress. Madhubala is beta nw dat rk is bck.

    1. too right sanah! I agree rk aur madhu kya pyaar ek din meh. aur abhay to jalrahhe , too funny. dida ab tum teek ho jao phir tum madhu ka sara shuch bata do. kyun sara shuch chapoa gi no point no point I tell u . sanah do u watch beintehaa

      1. yh I think abhay is getting jealous too, madhu already no’s truth so wat more truth? yes I watch beintehaa.

  2. hey zoya sanah I agree with u both cnt wait for more rk n madhu scenes.

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