Madhubala 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dhols are being played and all are dancing n playing with colors…! Paddo is putting colors on chawl ppl n Madhu comes to join her! Sultan comes out as well with Aryan n Kaka..! Madhu greets Paddo and puts color on her.. but before Paddo can put color on Madhu…she runs off..!

The chawl ppl approach Sultan to put color on him but he refuses ..! Madhu is putting colors on all the other girls and as they try to put color on her she runs..! Aryan comes n stops the girls from dare touching Madhu .. n the girls put color on Aryan..! Sultan smiles..! The other chawl kids take Aryan aside and help him play with pichkari..! Sultan watches happily..!

Song – Aayo re aayo re maro dholna… ! Madhu is shown dancing.. (she has her back to the camera n then turns) Madhu starts to dance. ! Sultan Kaka Paddo Aryan watch smiling..! RK is shown driving..! BG- Pyaar ke geet zara sunle. main aaya re… RK shown again n Madhu is dancing! Right then someone offers sweet (Ladoo) to Aryan n Madhu stops Aryan from eating..tastes n then tells him to eat..!

RK arrives at the chawl n steps out of the car as the stanza is ‘Pyaar ke geet zara sunle main aaya re’! He watches Madhu dancing..! RK walks inside the chawl..! Madhus dance ends.. all clap..! Aryan hugs Madu..! He tells Madhu she danced well..! Madhu asks him if he is enjoying n Aryan nods.. yes! RK is walking further inside n Madhu feels his presence..! She keeps looking at the entrance of Chawl.. n Aryan pulls her aside n asks if they should call Sultan to play? Madhu thinks for a while.. n then calls a girl n gives her pichkari to Aryan n prompts him to color Sultan! Aryan goes..!

RK is walking towards Madhu n Aryan away from her towards Sultan! He puts color on Sultan n he fumes n Aryan is scared…! Aryan runs n hides behind Kaka..! Madhu watches scared..! Sultan keeps trying to reach Aryan..! He picks up a mound of color and right then even RK picks up a mound of color too n says.. biwi aaj pehla rang to tumhe main hi lagaunga..! Madhu tells Aryan to run…! Aryan goes n hides behind Madhu…! Sultan is walking towards Madhu n Aryan! RK is walking towards Madhu as well..! Sultan trips and the color from his hand falls on Madhus forehead..! All are stunned n RK is shocked..! He grits his teeth and throws the mound of color..! Sultan says.. by mistake..n Madhu says..its ok ..!Sulbala eyelock..! Aryan laughs seeing Madhu n Madhu says..she wont spare Aryan ! She chases Aryan around Sultan..! RK watches.. as Madhu takes Aryan aside to put color on him..! RK fumes and turns..n watches as Aryan pushes Sultan on the ground near the tub of color and Madhu smiles..! Sultan smiles too..! Madhu offers her hand to Sultan to get up…! Sultan gives his hand to Madhu and RK watches…them holding hands..!

Part 2

RK turns and leaves..the chawl..! Paddo asks Madhu to come upstairs …! Madhu chases Aryan around..! Sultan is playing the dhol ..and Madhu watches ..! Both of them hear someone playing dhol ..! Sultan competes with the tune.of the other dhol..! RK (with full color on his face) walks towards Madhu and Madhu says.. RK?? RK keeps drumming non stop.. Sultan stops..! As RK holds Madhus hand.. Sultan approaches to stop him.. RK stops him n says.. Biwi hai.. MERI..! Madhu glares at RK ..n then removes her arm from RKs grasp! Aryan hugs Sultan n Sultan picks up Aryan n walks off..!

Part 3

BG – Peeya ke rang rang deni odhani..! Madhu tries to walk away .. n RK stops her.. n pulls her close…! He twirls Madhu around..! Madhu again tries to move away n RK keeps pulling her close..! RK-Madhu move in circle – eyelock..! Sultan watches as RK keeps pulling n pushing Madhu .. ! RK grips Madhus hand n lifts her..! RK keeps twirling Madhu from side to side..! Madhu is dizzy..! As she tries to move.. RK blocks her ..holding her by her waist..! Madhu removes his arm from her waist..! RK is twirling Madhu again..! RK – Madhu eyelock..!

Camera freezes on Rishbala and Sultan!

Precap — RK picks Madhu up and is walking towards the stairs..! RK-Madhu eyelock..!…

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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