Madhubala 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu Radha show Lela the jewelery and ask about selecting whatever she wants and Lela selects a few n says.. u have fulfilled all my parents dream! Madhu asks about other rituals but Lela is lost in glitter of gold

RK gets call from Harshvardhan Kapoors PA regarding launch of his son and RK is invited for appearance but RK says cant come as its Bittus wedding date..! RK refuses and is offered money ..but RK still refuses saying RK is not free!

RK asks whats cost of entire event? And will send cheque of that to u..!

Harshvardhans Business Manager fumes on RKs attitude and says ur joking and RK says u dun get RKs jokes n cuts the call ..!

Sikky comes and says made all preps for Bittus wedding ..! Sikky gets call about entire hotel being booked and RK tries too but gets same answer..!

Dips asks why wasting so much money for servants and RK says.. u wont get it… some relations are more important than money n Bittu is family! Dips fumes n RK says. .dun show ur face at the wedding … n next time if u call Bittu a servant will make u a servant!Bittu overhears

Radha – Madhu smile hearing about all the rituals n Madhu thinks of trying on RK! Bittu comes and Lela covers her head.. n he says no need of all this..! Lela is a bit unhappy ..! Madhu asks what happened? Bittu says.. better have wedding at home..!

Madhu agrees

RK comes n Madhu says lets have wedding at home n RK agrees n fumes on Harshvardhan for booking all hotels…!! RK calls them n says.. ur a big a$$ n he fumes..! RK says. .listen ..u have booked all 5 stars will have wedding at home.. which is better than all 5 stars..! RK says.. now u come n dance at my familys wedding!

The manager says.. RK ur crossing limits n RK says am unlimited..!!

RK comes to home n Madhu hits him with broom n says its ritual..! RK covers Madhus eyes n carries her in his arms..! Rishbala grin

Bittu-Leela’s wedding underway.. ! All watch happily ..

Part 2

All congratulate Bittu-Madhu

RK surprises Bittu with honeymoon trip tickets..Lela is stunned..Bittu hesitates! Madhu-RK say u did much more for us…so plz accept

Bittu swears to do all for Rishbala

Part 3
RKs cell rings n its press person n say Harshvardhan says u said no to him coz RK is insecure

RK watches news n fumes when Harshvardhans manager says.. RK is insecure.. wanting press so acting like this…! Sikky fumes..! RK resolves to teach them a lesson..!

Madhu is about to fall n all are worried.. ! Sikky calls doc

Precap — RK asks the matter to Doc n she says.. ur gonna be a dad..! All are surprised & delighted..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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