Madhubala 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhu arranging a surprise for RK. RK comes in and she switches off the lights. RK gets scared and hugs her asking her to on the lights. She says can you see me. He says not clearly. She says open your eyes wide, now see there. RK smiles seeing the illuminating stars and moon hanging. RK says wow, this is magic. She says yes, they will be your friend’s now, you will play with them and sleep. RK thanks her and hugs her. Madhu smiles. RK kisses her hand and smiles. He gives his hand to her and asks her to kiss it. She does not and he gets annoyed. He gives it again. She holds his hand. Na kuch pucha…………… na kuch manga…………….. plays…………….. She kisses it. He hugs her. They dance together amidst the stars. Tujh me rab dikhta hai…………………….plays…………….

Dolly reads Gita and Gopi asks her to sleep. She says no, I m feeling scared. He says no, nothing will happen now. Dolly says Abhay will not keep quiet now, I hope this night goes on calm, else Madhu and RK can get into big trouble. RK and Madhu sleep. RK wakes up and smiles seeing her. He says my Gudiya is looking so beautiful, now I will gift her. He covers her as she feels cold. He plays with the stars and moon and puts their glare on her face. RK says I will gift you doll.

Madhu wakes up and smiles seeing her sleeping painting. She calls out RK. She smiles happily and says its such a good painting, where are you, please come. She looks for him and is shocked to see Abhay. Abhay tells her that RK did not sleep all night making a painting and he needed rest, so he has sent him to rest. Madhu gets worried. She asks what did you do with him, where is he. He says come with me to see what I did with your mad husband. See him for the last time. Sweety and Leela smile. Abhay brings Madhu downstairs. Madhu asks where is RK. Abhay takes her to the balcony. Leela says end Madhu’s chapter too.

Abhay shows Madhu to see there. Madhu sees mental hospital people taking RK in their van. RK calls for help. Madhu shouts RK. Abhay says he can’t hear you. RK says leave me, I m not mad. Abhay asks Madhu to shout higher. Madhu runs to save RK. Abhay smiles. RK says Gudiya save me. Madhu sees the lift off and runs by stairs.

Dolly comes to talk to Abhay and knocks his door. Sweety panics and says she will know everything. Sweety opens the door and says Abhay went for some work. Dolly says fine, I had some work. Sweety says don’t spoil my sleep by knocking door from next time. Dolly says what happened today was very bad, so I m afraid Abhay can do anything in anger. She asks Sweety to explain Abhay. Sweety says you don’t care about him, but only Madhu. She says where were you when that mad RK was beating Abhay, you should go and explain Madhu, I would have kicked them put of the house, you should be ashamed. Dolly says I care about Abhay, I worry about this house.

Dolly cries and says I have cried but alone, not infront of Abhay. I came today as things should not get more worse. As Bebe is not here and I hold the responsibility, I m sorry if I have hurt you. Sweety asks her to stop the drama and leave. She taunts Dolly. Dolly leaves. RK shouts for Madhu. Madhu tries to help him. RK says where are they taking me, I m not mad. Madhu says leave him, he is not mad. She requests them. Madhu says I won’t let anything happen to you. Madhu holds RK’s hand and pulls him. Abhay is happy seeing them leaving hands. Madhu falls. RK is put in the van. Madhu says leave him. RK is taken away in the van and shouts Gudiya. Madhu is shocked. She runs after the van. She calls out RK and cries running. She falls and shouts RK. The van leaves far.

Dolly says RK met with a big accident and is undergoing operation. Leela says did he die. Madhu prays to Kanha for RK. Abhay looks on..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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