Madhubala 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks.. how can a person stoop so low? Sultan says.. many things happened with him that shouldnt have… so stop blaming n do as told!

Madhu walks in a daze .. n Paddo asks the matter? Bittu too..! Madhu says not fine..RK is lying there.. unconscious n all coz of Sultan.. who called her n threatened her again!

Cop asks Sultan? Madhu says yes the one they dun believe is alive..! She gives his number to cop .. n says.. he is asking for proof when in his care RK got attacked..? Cop apologises for the attack but says RK initiated ..the fight!

Madhu says… so he is blaming RK? Cop says.. has he got one proof from her? Madhu says have it..! Cop says.. the number is registered under a panwala n name not Sultan ! He says.. phone lost n the guy called her .. n its

a prank call..!

He says RK is superstar n people like to prank such people so dun get stressed..! If anyone is involved wont spare..!

Later RK is conscious n asks for water. .. Radha offers but RK refuses..! Madhu comes.. n pats RKs cheek n he asks.. she was scared? Madhu says no .. but pained to see him like this..! Madhu says.. she has faith in his love n madness.. n all will be ok ..! Madhu feeds water to RK! BG – Tum hi ho..! Rishbala are emotional ..

Bittu walks in n Madhu says.. he always walks in on them but dunno how to survive without him..! Lawyer walks in n asks how is he ? RK says was playing football match but got injured!

Lawyer tells Madhu to stay away from the case n all this is messed up..! He says.. again she blamed Sultan for today issue? Stop .. or difficult to get RK released! RK says.. din read SILENCE PLEASE thats the rule..!

RK asks him to leave n then tells Madhu that Sultan is gone.. n better not keep him alive in their hate even..! He says.. Sultan was spreading like poison their life so happy to kill him …!

RK says ..scared for her.. if anything happened they wont be able to live together..! He says..cant lose u …wanna come back to u..! RK reassures… all will be well .. Rishbala together!

Hathon me mohabbat .. ki lakeri adhuri ho to.. mohabat puri nahi hoti.
Par ho .. hatho me ek pyara sa hath ..lakeero ki zarurat nahi hoti..!

Rishbala hold hand..! Nurse comes n says injection time n Madhu leaves!

Part 2

Madhu asks the family to leave for home n rest..! Radha says she will be alone? Madhu says RK there..! Paddo-Bittu asks her to call in case of need..! All leave..!

Madhu recollects past moments.. of Madhu caressing RKs face.. n him teasing her!

Theres a knock on the door n its Sultan as Doc

Part 3

Madhu goes to call Insp but no one there..!

Sultan says ..thot she has so much confidence in him that he wont do such foolishness..!

Sultan says.. this arrogant.. do kaudi ke RK ke liye he wont get caught but he knows how to win .. ! Madhu screams n Sultan says RK might wake up ..coz if he does..will be forced to send him to deep sleep. .. FOREVER!

Madhu asks why here? Sultan says.. why does anyone come to ones life? Madhu switches moby on to record! Sultan says ..for life. .n she is his life..!

Sultan says two ways… she break RKs heart. .n keep him alive… n come with Sultan ..or .. RK will be cremated n she will walk regretting,..why din listen to Sultan! Madhu says NO!

Sultan says.. her heart chose… !! He says leave RK n say ..u dun love him ..divorce him ..!

Precap — RK says. to Bittu ..he has 24 hours.. n not more than that..! The divorce papers fall on the ground n Bittu turns to pick them up!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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