Madhubala 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu comes back in the room and finds RK sitting on the bed..! Madhu sits on the floor..! RK looks at her and brings bottle of water to her and sits across from her! RK says sorry and says dun like anyone crying! RK is playing with flower strand..! Madhu takes the bottle and sips from it..! RK smiles at her! Madhu thanks him! RK comes near her and says i brought water for u. .now u tell me a story ..! He brings storybooks to her and tells her that dun like to read them but like hearing to them..! Please tell me a story! Madhu is quiet..! RK says wanna hear a story …he keeps repeating! RK says i know.. my toy will come and will tell me a story .. so tell me..ur my gudiya! RK keeps insisting! Madhu gets irritated and says am not ur toy .. n wont tell u a story .. dun u understand?

Chasing me like a kid.. get out of here! RK gets angry n says.. u scolded me. .ur bad.. u leave from my room ..! Madhu says sorry! RK says leave.. ! He pulls her by her hand and takes her outside the room and locks the door! Madhu is standing outside! Tamanna comes clapping ..! She says .. tum to kahi ki nahi rahi .. now ur hubby kicked u out of the room as well ..! Tamanna says ..feel bad for u.. its ur SR nite .. n now u dun have either ur suhaag or ur suhag ki sej.. but where will u sleep? Tamanna says.. guess used to sleeping on the floor..! Tamanna tells Madhu . .what a luck.. u got two things together. .hubby & a kid..! Tamanna laufs  and walks off! Madhu sits on the floor in despair..! She breaksdown!

RK peeps thru the room and smiles and says gudiya..! Madhu looks at him ..! RK keeps smiling at her..! He comes to her and says want remote.. and gives her.. ! She doesnt look at him..! RK says.. u can come in my room but u have to promise .. u wont scold me.. and wont sleep on my bed! He extends his hand to her to promise..! Madhu doesnt react..! RK says no promise.. ? He walks back to the room! He closes the door. .but Madhu doesnt react..! RK again peeps at her and brings bottle of water to her..! He sits next to her on the floor and drinks the water.. and does the Barfi movie trick of spitting water by pulling ear..! He claps hand n says.. like it? Madhu stares at him and he says one more time..! He repeats and asks like it? Madhu smiles.. n RK offers her the bottle of water and asks to do ..! She is quiet..! RK feels sad..! He gets up and walks to the room ..! He enters the room and notices its decked up with flowers candles.. and wind is blowing..! He looks at Madhu and the room ..! He goes inside the room ..!

Later in the nite.. he opens the door and puts pillow and comforter on the floor and looks at Madhu ..! He lies on the floor and sleeps ..! Madhu smiles while crying watching his gesture..! Both RK & Madhu fall asleep ..!

Tamanna brings a glass of drink for AK ..! He asks what is this? She says for celebrating..! AK throws the glass of drinks ..! Tamanna asks why so angry? AK asks if she knows what she has done? AK says..she found only this kid ? Tamanna says.. he is exactly what he wants… ! AK says.. Raj Kumars face matches with my biggest enemy RK …!
Madhu asks RK to sleep on the bed..! RK asks what did Madhu get for this game? He got so many toys and shows Madhu ..! He says Tamanna gave lost of money to his family ..! He asks Madhu to sit on his train and starts to make train noise..!

Part 2

Tamanna says .. thats even better.. Raj’s face matches RK and Madhus that of her mom so more fun to torture them ..! She says.. his face matches RK . .not his brains..and there is no one like him ..! It will be fun to play with him …! RK tells Madhu that he is promised a big surprise.. so what did Madhu get? Tamanna says.. sit back.. and enjoy the game..and she closes the lights..! RK starts to panic and screams.. LIGHTS! Madhu tries to calm him ..! RK is paranoid and hyper and runs out of the room screaming Lights..!

Part 3

RK ends up tripping from the stairs and screams.. Lights..! He hurts his hand..! He sits on the stairs..! Madhu comes rushing behind and is shocked to see RK in this situation! Others come too and RK says stay away ..! AK comes and says .. looking for me Raju? RK runs to AK and hugs him and says.. my biggest surprise.. my hero .. AK ..! AK smirks at Madhu ..! AK says hero ko dard nahi hota..and RK repeats! AK asks wipe ur tears..! RK asks for autograph and AK signs on RKs hand..! Nikhil and Pam smirk..! RK shows the autograph to Madhu …saying ‘Mere Hero ka autograph’ ..! RK thanks AK and says watched all ur movies..! AK asks then copy it..! RK says.. like that movie.. where u jumped 5 floors to beat goons and RK does..! Madhu watches shocked.. but is angry too..! RKs hand is bleeding..! AK says.. Gudiya is there to take care of u..! Bebe feels bad..! AK smirks at Madhu again ..! Madhu glares at AK!

Precap — Madhu tries to apply meds on RKs hand but he jerks back ..and says dun touch!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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