Madhubala 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sultan assures he will be gone soon Madhu looks on

Trish asks Paddo if she is ok now? Paddo calls Sultan a murderer..a kidnapper .. a gangster! She asks what does he do?

Sultan overhears

Madhu wakes up in the middle of the night… walks in front of RKs poster.. looks at him hears the musical lighter!
  Sultan shows her the knife n warns not to come from BEHIND   
He asks her if she wants to know if whatever he said to Paddo was true or not? He doesnt care for her trust n Madhu says.. she din say..she came to ask or tail him! 
Madhu says she came in search of peace..n maybe he too! She leaves Sultan watches..! 

Next day morning .. Sultan sits in the chawl n Kaka suggests him to go inside but he says.. Khatre ka mujhe dekhne se zyada.. mera use dekhna zaruri hai! 
Madhu is dabbing her wet hair n drops fall on Sultans head  n he looks on 
Paddo asks Madhu to give breakfast to them n milk for Aryan  Madhu hugs her! 
Chawl guys ask if Sultan is Romas relative n Madhu bluffs he is..!  The chawl guy offer him to become a stuntman but he walks off!

Madhu offers tea but Sultan says.. no need …n Madhu says..its a gesture n its safe as she has told Paddo not to add poison to it n sips from it..n gives to Sultan!

Aryan greets her n Madhu dabs his hair n offers milk n he stares at Sultan! Madhu tastes it n Aryan drinks!

Madhu is about to leave for shooting ..n Aryan wants to come along ..but Madhu tells him to ask Sultan …! He asks if RK will be there n Madhu says he is out of town!

Aryan returns n says.. lets go n Madhu says ok! They arrive on set n Aryan asks about blower fan .. ! He asks what Madhu does n she says set hair n they come to Dips make room n Dips says. the RETURN OF CHAWL-bala …

Madhu says sorry wrong room n Dips says.. its destiny they met.. so she can adjust..! Dips asks who he is ..whose kid? She asks if part of her new project!

Part 2

Aryan says Madhu is the heroine .. n Dips laufs out

He tells Dips theres something red on her teeth n Dips squirms n Madhu shushes him!

Sultan calls out for Aryan n Kaka says hasnt returned from the set with Madhu… ! Sultan fumes n rushes off!

Part 3
Dips is shooting a scene n Madhu looks on ..! Bittu greets her ..n asks where she was? Madhu says came to complete the contract!

Madhu goes to set Dips hair n Aryan feels thirsty…!

He goes to drink .. as shot resumes..! Aryan trips and gets hurt .. n breaks the studio lighting! He screams n Madhu panics!

Precap — The Production guys scream about damaging an expensive light.. n say she ought not to have brought a kid n that too a handicapped one..! Madhu tries to explain when Sultan throws other lighting stuff. .n enters n glares…at all.! Bittu watches..shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Nice episode.sultan rocks.

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