Madhubala 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 29th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK compliments the fan that ..she looks pretty.. even if he has never seen her onscreen! Madhu excuses herself n RK asks where she is off to? To meet Salman Khan? Madhu walks off! A while later.. Madhu speaks from the stage..! She says.. i was never a fan. .n will not be a fan of Superstar RK as i m something more than a fan.. coz i love.. RK ..err Rishu .. my hubby..! She she wants to dedicate a song to her hubby … ! The music starts.. lights are turned out n spotlight on Madhu walking towards RK! Madhu announces.. a special dance with my husband.. please RK n RK says.. not RK.. UR RK .. n Madhu says.. just my RK..!

Music starts…as Madhu takes RKs hand n walks forward to stage n puts her arm around his neck n starts swaying! RK says..he does not have any plans to dance.. n Madhu asks.. he made a plan? RK says.. everything is a plan.. this evening..this place.. n u .. n Madhu the girls were part of the plan? RK says.. no..not them.. but SOMEONE is.. Madhu is confused!

Radha is putting food in the fridge n Dips helps out…and says..that she is nice n ready to help Radha always..! Radha asks..why say such things? Dips asks if Radha is happy as the Madhu she din expect wuld return has returned.. ! Radha says..yes..coz prayed for it..! Dips says..its sad to see Paddos situation but.. poor her had to hear so much n had to leave after hearing Paddos taunts..! She says..even Madhu must have felt bad! Dips suggests to go and apologise to Paddo on Madhus behalf n help patch up ..! Radha accepts the idea n says..will go next day..! Dips says.. they should go rightaway.. so that they can surprise Rishbala upon their return! Radha says..yes.. Madhu loves Paddo with all her heart. n this will give her happiness! Dips agrees n offers to come along n drama will be a fun watch! Duo leave for chawl..!

Madhu starts dancing with RK on Mar jawa… Madhu back hugs RK .Duo are dancing arms in neck and Sultan walks in and RK smirks..! Madhu keeps dancing with RK n he holds her in RK position..! He gets on knees n kisses her hand..! RK lifts Madhu.! Sultan is talking to his men.. ! RK twirls Madhu ..! RK keeps looking at Sultan..! Madhu hugs RK..n RK turns Madhu around n right then Sultan turns.. n sees Madhus reflection hugging RK n is shocked..! Madhu is shocked to see Sultan too!

Sikky asks Dips why they have come to the chawl? To see chawl room for investment? Dips asks him to talk sense sometimes n then says..came to take Sultans number..! Sikky asks why? Dips old days.. a monkey danced n n Sikky adds a girl used to pickpocket everyone.. n says Dips is the girl n Radha is the mom!

Sultan fumes seeing Madhu with RK n gets up but she signals him not to..! RK asks Madhu if she saw her special friend..! Madhu asks if he knew Sultan would come here? RK says.. even if he is gangster.. he is a man of work.. n so comes daily..! Madhu asks why bring her before him? RK says.. she said she had gone to resolve issues with Sultan n like her ..he is sorting out issues too.. RK style.. she spoke n he is showing..! RK turns Madhu around n glares at Sultan.. who turns his face away ..finishes his drink n walks out..! RK twirls Madhu around n they are in RK banner pose..! The dance ends.. all clap.. RK too..! Madhu claps too.! RK says . picture over… people are off to their place.. should they go home? Madhu says.. can they have dinner n leave? RK asks if it din bother her.. that he brought her for a reason? Madhu says..why to bother of anytihng else except. .them .. what is he worried about..whom n why? RK hugs Madhu tightly n says the girl who din wanna see his face.din wanna stay with him till a day suddenly doing everything to close in..its interesting when loves becomes insanity..! RK asks if Madhu has started Prem Game part II ???

Paddo opens the door n finds Radha-Sikky-Dips .. n is surprsied! They enter inside.. ! RAdha tells Padod that she came to apologise.. as a lot has happened.. so dunno what all to seek forgivness for? Radha says.. the blame of a kid being good or bad goe sto parents..! Paddo stares at Radha..! RAdha says..din come to justify RKs mistakes.. n sins.. know that he is wrong.. but its true that he is her son.. like Madhu is Paddos daughter..! Radha says.. the prid of a kid or pain a mother.. only Paddo can understand..! She says..she has apologised everytime! Dips looks around for Paddos moby n Sikky spots it..n signals to her..!

Part 2

Madhu is surprised n asks.. Prem Game?? Me?? Madhu says.. RK forgot.. he is Khiladi..she is Anari.. Playing games is his job n she is meant to be hunted..! RK says..story will be so interesting.. when the hunted starts hunting the hunter! Madhu says..she is playing a game.. trying to hunt him. .if anyone hears ..they will laugh.. but for RK its easy.. why is he troubled.. if he wants.. he can test her love..!

Part 3

Madhu says..she knows RK is troubled.. n gone crazy.. so he is asking all these questions..! RK asks..he has really gone crazy?? Madhu says..coz he loves her too .. n that it troubles him how anyone can look in his heart n reveals his secrets..! Madhu says.. The matter wont settle.. n that she knows RK loves her n she loves him… ! Madhu says..he has lost his heart n won hers..! RK-Madhu eyelock!

Precap — Madhu tells RK I LOVE U . .n says.. i love u .. n only u n can leave the whole world for u..! RK asks if she can give her life for him? Madhu asks if he will believe her then? He says yes..! Madhu walks backwards to the edge of the terrace n is about to trip n RK screams.. MADHU..!!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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