Madhubala 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th November 2013 Written Update


mehul thanks madhubala telling that all efforts bear fruits ..
rk tell madhu that she has forgot her promise of making paranthas for him and now she has to do this rather seeing her success …so go and makethem otherwise he will eat anyone here ..
radhaji tries to stop rk but he stopped her saying ..that now ur bahu is superstar so let me enjoy before she stops doing anything ..don’t be jealous she will make for u too …
bittuji happy as film being superhit and said same to rk ..

sikky thereto tell that they receive flowersfor success ..first rk was ahead but later all come for madhu ..
baap re baap all come fo madhu ..none for rk ..kya baat hai competition out ..
rk not happy ..even deepali teasing rk that see so lot come for madhu ..this show all win of madhu ..sikky tooo adding ..”dekho bhabhi rk se ktni agge nikal gayi ..three cheers for bhabhi ..she is ahead of rk ..”
radhaji made food which is all favorite of madhu .rk again tease saying no one else in family going to eat it ..phabho said rk u too like these food but rk refuse to eat saying he is full by all praises too ..
bittuji all too happy ,tell rk that it will be great idea to br madhu’s secretary .he going to earn lot money and then will retire at age of 35 ..
a producer steve mehta phone came who made super hit films ..he talked to madhu ..bittuji ask whatdid the producer said ?? did he offered u movie??
rk left his food in between and go away ..
later madhu saying “my rk is superstar “but rk said “i had to work hard to maintain this as i have found my competition at home only”
madhu informed rk that bank agreed to grant them loan again for another movie ..
our baby is luck all problems solving one by one ..
but rk said “what will happen if these clouds doesn’t rain ..don’t think if all congratulating u means film will be hit .they all congratulating u coz ur superstar rk ‘s wife ..they all want to come in my good books ..”
madhu telling rk i am talking about general people ..the people who watch our movie and giving there views ..
bittuji came and inform all media there..rk again ask him “why the party is kept on launch ”
madhu tell bittuji lets go and welcome all ..

roma welcome madhu as superstar and rk as great producer ..rk thanks all for coming .
phabho telling deepali”i wish i would have taken madhu’s side atleast i would be on winning side”
deepali replied back its too early to say who will win ..wait ..

part 2 ..
rk telling mehul about success in a taunting way but mehul replied back saying “success of film all goes to madhu ..madhu is real laxmi of ur house ”
mehul tell madhu “i was telling rk that u r real laxmi of his family is made so fast and up to mark ..all credit goes only and only to madhu ”
madhu thanked mehul sir ..
rk angry and broke the glass..

part 3 ..
madhu asked rk “is he fine??”
rk tell every one to pay attention “first when i was making film i had no one money ,no actor no director but phir bhi ek insaan mere saath hamesha raha ..don’t dare to think if the lady picking glass works at my house..she is star madhubala the star ..madhu little embarresed ..want to go from there keep the glass pieces …all credit goes to mehul sir ..akhir he made madhubala out of madhu ..
akhir no onegets that chance a girl living in chwal become superstar ..but her destiny is RISHBAH ..biwi yehi hai na tumhari destiny..


Update Credit to: tabby999

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