Madhubala 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 28th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha is cleaning MKs pic .. Madhu knocks n requests her to let her in!

Radha opens the door…n asks not to give promises..for such small things..n she says sorry..!

Madhu reassures Radha that with passage of time all will be well and all misunderstanding will be cleared! She says.. feel bad for Sultans mom n rues that they are suffering coz of someones misdeeds..!

Madhu assures they will dig out all the truth n asks her to take care of herself n gives her meds! She praises Radha for her understanding.. the situation.. keeping calm despite such serious allegations n how she has allowed them to stay there! Radhas hand is shaking

Madhu chides her for not eating n Radha stammers and says..she doesnt wanna hear about Sultan-Meera..! Madhu asks her to calm down n asks her to eat..!

Madhu comes in kitchen n Sultan is there holding khichdi…! She turns away and continues to fill another plate… ! Sultan says M sorry …for the way i talked …! Madhu stays quiet! Sultan says.. want one answer… dun trust? Madhu says.. what is the use? Sultan says.. answer …! Madhu says..he barged in studio .. n raised a storm.. entered home n raised a storm but din ask.. so why ask now?

Sultan asks Madhu if her hubby asked her .. why he is doing all this? He rues that she doesnt trust him n is troubled how he got free from jail! He says Madhu is like others… he rues.. thot she had heart and will understand . .but NO .!

He says.. Madhu has changed..! He says.. before entering temple take off shoes but before entering RK mansion one has to leave their heart n goodness outside! Madhu calls out to Sultan but Meera comes and Sultan introes her to Madhu!

Meera says.. such a pretty name..! Meera sees her mehendi filled hand and asks newly married? Who is he? Madhu says RK an actor..! Meera says..she too used to work in film line was dress designer!

She says..she left it after marriage.. n says.. her hubby is from film line too..! Sultan diverts Meera…before she can take Mohans name! Madhu says yes n says.. Maa is not well so taking food to her..!

Meera asks what happened? Sultan diverts her and says.. lets go from here! Camera focuses on the bangle..on Meeras hand!

Madhu brings food for Radha and right then Meera barges in her room…! Radha is stunned seeing her and Sultan..! The pic of MK falls from Radhas hand n breaks!

Meera says.. seems Radha is weak.. ! She says sorry for surprising her.. n bends down to pick up the broken pic of MK .. stops midway! Sultan-Madhu exchange glances..! Meera says.. HE .. HE?? Radha hides the pic from her! Dips watches the drama ..!

Meera asks how is Radha? She says.. Radha has not eaten! Sultan asks to leave but Meera introes herself and asks who she is? She says.. Sultan said they are from same family n Radha says NO..!!

Radha says.. never seen u before … n tells Madhu she wants to rest.. ALONE! Sultan tries to take Meera with her . .Meera says sorry for troubling.. n Sultan leads her away! Radha asks Madhu to leave n she goes..!

Dips watches Radha glaring at MKs pic…!!!

Part 2

RK screams on Madhu why she let Meera go in Radhas room? Madhu says.. they tried to stop but.. n says. .how Radha was fuming seeing Meera! RK says..what else she expects.. Radha greet that woman?

Madhu says.. Meera din say anything to Radha. .only worried for her! RK asks Madhu why she called to make him feel sympathy for Sultans mom? Madhu says.. want to explain to him n RK says..that he is wrong n he should sit with Sultan n divide MKs name for 6 months each or wrong he did with Sultan?? Or she called to fight?

Madhu says dunno where he is taking all this n says..if he is so troubled.. better not talk.. n RK cuts the call ..! Madhu n RK both are troubled!

Part 3

Sikky is all excited to eat Tandoori when Dips stops him

He rues that.. whenever he wants to do something Shubh ..she interrupts!

Dips says. .daal me kala hai. .n that seems Radha is hiding something! She relates all that she saw in Radhas room!

Dips says something is being hidden.. n wont be at peace till its all out!

Precap — Madhu is sleeping n her hair is blowing …coz of wind! Sultan comes.. sees window is open n goes to close the window panes! Right then RK comes n sees Madhu ..! Sultan decides to stay put…else RK will see him!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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