Madhubala 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Bittu am going back home! Bittu asks the matter? RK says tired wanna rest.. u stay with Madhu… will meet u both at home! RK turns to Madhu.. asks her to stay back and leaves! Dips smirks…!! She says lets go back home! Sikky follows her! Madhu is confused why RK walked off!

RK is switching on and off the lights of the RK mansion n is drinking! Sikky says..why we returned so early? Dips says u wont have won a prize by staying back! Sikky notices RK n says.. when did u leave? But no one noticed.. all media were busy interviewing Madhu..! Gotta hand it to u.. despite whole industry against u ..the movie was made ..n its fab .. it will be a superhit.. n win all awards! Sikky says.. award will go to Madhubala the Super n Dips butts in n says.. u go rest.. i will come! Dips takes a glass of drink n sits next to RK..! She says.. ur movie has shut up .. the mouths of all ur enemies.. a toast to that! RK keeps quiet! Dips says.. this is Madhus film ..sorry! RK says. .u not tired? Dips says..till the scene is perfect .. i do retakes..coz practise makes a man perfect n a woman deadly! RK says.. u need practise.. keep trying…but no guarantees u will get the reaction u want..from me! RK says.. success be it Madhus or same! Dips says. without script. .u cant even lie.. ! If i had a camera. .i did have recorded ur every reaction ..when all were praising Madhu ..ur jealousy.. insecurity .. all was visible! RK recollects those moments! Dips says.. when u were getting pics clicked with Madhu ..u looked weird and uncomfy.. as if u werent there! Flashbacks shown! RK grinds his teeth! Dips says. .n that moment when media asked u to step aside so they culd take Madhus pic.. coz she is the superstar.. that esp to see u getting hurt! RK says shut up..! He says no insecurity or jealousy.. Madhu is my wife. .my love. .m happy as hubby n ph that audience accepted Madhu …! Its Madhus day let her enjoy and so i came back! Dips says .. who are u trying to amuse?? We both know the reality. .Madhu is becoming a superstar.. n that is a huge thing! Madhu is on the minds of one and all .. n as such its just a start..! Dips says.. in upcoming days.. Madhus name will grow bigger even more than urs! I saw all of this from before. .so forewarned u.. remember? RK splashes.. drink on Dips face n says. .u can see the future right? So why din u see this?? Dips walks off!

Madhu-Bittu return home! Madhu says too late! Bittu says .. premieres are like this. n we got such grand response.. media wuldn have let u come back so easy! Madhu says. .gotta meet RK..why did he walk off like this? Bittu says i din get that either! Madhu comes in the room ..! Song is on.. Itni si hasi..! Madhu finds RK lying on couch. .n asks u ok? Got late to come so! RK says.thot i will be upset ? Yes i am very upset..! RK says.. what is up with ur sense of humor? Have u taken Anamika seriously? Madhu says.. u scared me..! Madhu says. .wont understand u ever! RK asks if not u.. who else? RK says.. just recently found out. .i din understand myself..! RK says..i came early.. so i culd thank my superstar wife! Madhu says what? RK says.. Madhu u did great job! Madhu asks u think so? RK says. .dun be too modest.. ur work was brilliant.. n all noticed..! Said u were better than me! rK says. .wanna thank u..for saving me.. my family .. my reputation. .my name.. if u were not here. .this world wuld have ended..! U did so much for me. .n i tortured u .. n insulted u..! How culd i act like this with a future superstar?? RK says.. sorry i din prove to be a better partner with u. .u came of use to all .. thanks for coming to the premiere..! RK says. .i know u were not attached to this film industry.. but still u came to the premiere! Madhu says for u ..! RK says. .for me?? Yh for me..! Thank u .. ! I understand ur feelings! Madhu holds his hand n says.. i dun care of the world. .i culdn watch ur faith break. .i hope i proved myself! RK says.. i m saying to u today.. that ur the best actress of this industry.. so ur the lifeline of mine… n wanna give u a gift! Madhu asks a film? RK says u wanna do a film? RK places a hand on Madhus tummy n says. i know what u want..! He says.. u wanna complete this family .. n today i too want that..! Madhu is delighted..! RK says .. i want u to complete my family .. i wanna bring my child in this family! Madhu is delighted.. she says. u made me so happy.. thanks..! Madhu hugs RK! RK smirks!!

RK says lets inform the world.. send sweets .. to all..! Madhu says no. .not yet..! RK is confused! He says u were so desperate till yesterday to tell all u are preggers?? RK asks .. is that u dun wanna lose out on ur chances in this industry? Madhu says i have nothing to do with this industry. i have forgotten .. that first few months are crucial .. dun want an evil eye on anyone..! RK says if its for our baby .. we wont tell anyone! Madhu thanks RK n they hug! RK keeps smirking..!

Part 2

Madhu offers refreshments to Mehul n he says.. wont take anything till i see peoples reaction to the film..! RK comes down from his room n asks why is there a panchayat here! Bittu says.. last show.. ending.. we will get to see audiences reaction so. .waiting to watch! Bittu says.. u saw medias reaction yesterday so am confident audience will love it! RK says. .dun think audience will like it..! Making a film hit is not so easy! Pabho looks at Dips and she smirks..! Both smile! RK says.. this film can work in multiplex but not single screen! Mehul says.. RK chahe jo kuch bhi kahe.. premiere par uski bolti band kar di thi. .aab uska muh band kar denge!

Part 3

Roma says its 11pm ..Bittu searches for remote..! RK says no need for so much efforts..! Sikky says. .jeetega bhai jeetega.. RK ..! All ask him to move aside..! Media is showing bytes! Madhu offers juice to RK .. but keeps looking at TV.. RK glares! Dips smirks..! Public says.. loved RK .. but Madhu is awesome..! She is perfect..! all smile.. and RK keeps looking at the smile on Madhus face..!!

Reporter says. .that all are guaranteeing this movie will be a grand hit! Madhu – Mehul all smile and RK keeps fuming! Trade analyst gives 4 stars..! Says Madhu will be all producers first choice now! Reporter says no more doubt .. that Ishq Ek Junoon is a blockbuster! All say Madhu is the surprise package of this film ..! She has proved that talent always shines thru..!! All clap happily ..barring RK..!! Bittu says i knew this film will be a blockbuster.. he says.. U rock! Mehul asks RK .. i was right?? RK keeps mum! Radha congratulates Madhu too..! Pabho too..! Sikky says. .Bhabhiji u rock.. pure world ko shock..! Mehul says well done…ur efforts shone thru..!! Great work! RK sulks!

Precap —- Boquets arrive for Madhu with good wishes..! Sikky is keeping all boquets for Madhu n says.. only 4 for RK! Dips says.. Madhus success has spread joy all over! RK glares!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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