Madhubala 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu cleaning the floor and filling back the bean bag. RK switches on the fan and sits watching her. He says I did this as I thought you will feel hot while working, but you can do anything, so whats this. Agni comes and asks whats all this. She says if this is RK’s room, will you stay here, finish this soon and come down. She says Dau ji wants food at 1pm, else then think what can happen, so finish this sweeping and go to kitchen. RK asks will she make food with one hand. Agni says I don’t care, I want food at 1pm. RK tells the time to Madhu and says its 11.55am now, so 1 hour and 5mins left.

He asks her to beg to him so that he can forgive her. She says I have faced problem since childhood. He says fine, lets see how you do this. Madhu uses vaccum cleaner and cleans the mess. Agni is surprised seeing that machine. Even RK looks on puzzled. Mai balveer hoon………….plays………… Bhabhi smiles. Agni says your happiness will burn in kitchen, go and make food, it can’t be made by any machine, lets see how you make it in 50mins. Madhu says see that also, if you have seen this. Madhu leaves.

A man comes. Dau ji asks who are you and whats this. The man says I came to deliver this Atta kneader and grinder and take this bill. Dau ji asks RK to see. RK says Rs 18000 bill. Dau ji asks whats in this, take money from Madhu. RK says she does not have money. Dau ji says take this and leave. The man says order can’t be cancelled. Dau ji gets angry. RK says leave him and pays the bill. The man leaves. RK brings the machine and gives it to Madhu scolding her. Madhu does not care.

She says first let me make food. Agni and Tara are shocked knowing its of Rs 18000. She says Dau ji asked me to make food, but restricted me to use machines. She uses the Atta Kneader. She starts it and RK pulls off the power connection. The machine stops. Agni and Tara smile. Madhu checks. RK comes to her and asks what happened, power does not know how we will punish you if you don’t make food in 30mins now. She starts the machine again. Tara says how can it work without power. Madhu says it works on battery too, it has two hour backup, as you all are illiterate, you won’t know this. RK is shocked.

Dau ji shouts RK to switch on the power as he is feeling hot. She says I don’t need power, but Dau ji needs it, so go and switch on the power, RK leaves angrily. Agni says 25mins left, how will you cut vegs. Madhu says I need just 15mins. She uses the veg chopper. Tara says we want rotis too Madhu puts the vegs in microwave. She says it will be ready in 10mins. She makes rotis too. Agni and Tara are stunned. Madhu says everything is made. Dau ji asks for food. Madhu brings the food and serves him. She presents all the dishes.

Madhu says she made this with one hand. Agni says its made in microwave and by other machines. Tara says if you don’t like the food Dau ji, throw it on her face. Bhanu smiles. Dau ji tastes the food and likes it. Everyone is astonished. RK takes the roti and veg dish. He tastes it and finds it really good. He looks at her and thinks now you got saved, but how will you get saved at night. Madhu says some people digest food, but not defeat. She leaves.

RK comes in the room and thinks he is feeling sleepy, but this mean even Madhu might be feeling sleepy, it means I should not let her sleep now and at night too. He thinks what work to give her now. Bhabhi makes Madhu sit in her room and applies toothpaste on her hand burn. Bhabhi says what you did, you have shown them what you are, I feel when you can fight with them, even I can fight, I got inspired by you. Madhu says yes, never bear injustice as its like supporting it. Bhabhi asks her to rest and sleep, as she has to be awake at night. Agni comes and taunts Madhu. She asks who will do the work then, shall we call your Dida to work here. Madhu is shocked.

RK sees Madhu sleeping. Agni comes and tells RK that Madhu is sleeping. RK says so soon. She says go and see.

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