Madhubala 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Madhu to behave else her wish to divorce him will be a wish

Bittu asks why before a media? RK says.. he seems to be stressed out.. his next movie is family drama so he has to be a family man!

Radha rues that its just to show off?

RK says at 5pm he will go to Dahi Handi festival at Madhus chawl where whole family of his should be hanging with him . n Madhu too!

Dips comes to RK and touches his arm n asks how is his injury? If it hurts will apply oinment ..and RK screams Sikky .. ur wifey is asking if she presses ur leg/hand whole night is he ok? Sikky is so excited he rushes off with Dips!

Madhu says RK .. n RK says.. lucky to see Ishq ka Arabian Sea in ur eyes n if she keeps looking like that..their drama will blow off He says need NAFRAT

wali acting.. ! RK says seems she will say . ‘Pritam .. Aati kya khandala’ … dun become an actress n Madhu says he is actor n RK says..just improve a bit n she does n RK says now can be actress.. Madhubala AHAN! Madhu says HATE U .. n RK says.. ME TOO!

Bittu apologises to Madhu for his behaviour ..towards her.. !! Madhu says.. if he feels really bad..then he has to do one thing.. n she ties Rakhi on his hand!

Bittu says have nothing to give in return n Madhu says when she was hurting RK he was with her so thats gift..! RK tells Bittu not to cry or Madhu will cry too n blot his shirt n Madhu fumes RK says..stop crying or will give mom role n tells Madhu to lock up her sentipan .. n Madhu says. dun wanna see ur face n walks off..!

RK asks about informing cops and he says yes … n sent servants on leave .. so nothing leaks..!
Dips wonders what plan is going in RKs mind..why not divorcing Madhu?? Sikky asks what ?? Dips says get tea. ..headache..!

Dips calls Sultan and informs they are back home .. Sultan asks Madhu? Dips says..she is here… being a perfect DIL … n arranging for janmashtami ..n informs about Dahi Handi..! Sultan says.. Madhu . .n Dips says.. this means.. it proves his plan failed…!! Sultan fumes n says.. his plans are not meant to fail ..rather its working .. thats why she is coming there…! Dips says?? Sultan says.. the expiry date of Rishbala relation is here..n told Madhu to come he can take her with him in front of RK ..! Dips says promise n Sultan says yes.!

Sultan asks Dips to keep an eye on RK ..! Dips smirks looking at Madhu n says congrats on last night in the house.. ! Sikky keeps a pony n says if SRK can carry pony so too and says glares as style..! Dips asks to remove.. ! RK comes all decked up .. he is in blue kurta …n all media rush to greet him …! They ask about divorce n RK says it wasnt scooter to repair in garage. .relations.. take time to mend..!

Ladies ask for Radha n Pandit too .. Madhu goes to call ..! Radha says.. its just a drama.. all are good actors but i cant play this drama…! She closes the door ..!

Part 2

Madhu says to start the puja .. n Radha will come …! Joshi n his team arrive…Dips starts thinking ..seen somewhere

Palna jhulana time…! Pandit asks for Radha n Madhu says she will do the vidhi

Part 3

Madhu holds the thread to shake the palna.. n Radha holds the thread too.!

Dips identifies Joshi ..

Radha says Yashoda is Kanhas maa… n maa cant turn back from her duty..!

RK tells Joshi Sultan is alive n that he heard his voice..! He says Sultan has been two steps ahead of us. .but tomorrow. he will come to Dahi handi but this time its their turn..! Dips overhears..!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that can forgive Sultan for everything but not for hurting his Madhu n taking her away from him … n will punish him such that his every generation will regret..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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