Madhubala 27th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th April 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Dips accuses Madhu of having a mission.. having a plan …n that she is fooling RK..with her.. blue eyed B.f .. Sultan aur Sultaniya ka khubsurat PREM GAME!

Madhu is quiet.. Dips says .. Chawlbala becomes VAMP-bala!

Dips asks Madhu to leave when Madhu grabs her arm n squeezes .. n Dips hurts n Madhu says..she has right.. n has big plan.. n Sultan is part.. so lets call RK rightaway!

Madhu calls out to RK n he comes .. Madhu leaves Dips arm .. n asks Dips to say what she wants to RK Dips is quiet..!

RK says …reservation is for 2.. no third allowed.. Bahut Nainsafi.. n Madhu says.. Nahi sarkar.. Dips Bhabhi is not coming along n RK says.. so Madhu has to be shot.. n teases her .. n Madhu too teases Dips!

RK says.. three things are ominous… black cat crossing path… someone sneezing n Dips opening mouth! Madhu asks Dips to say. .n Dips stammers n says.. Madhu is looking pretty! RK says.. the gown is looking pretty on Madhu n Rishbala head off!

Sultan teaches Aryan how to put covers on cushion n Aryan asks..why they cant meet Madhu? Coz RK dun like him n that he doesnt like RK n Madhu too doesnt like RK!

Aryan asks why Madhu is staying with RK?? Sultan says..they will find the reason soon

Aryan asks..why all good people cant stay together? him ..sultan . kaka.. n madhu? Sultan says..cant answer n asks him to drink milk n sleep!

Sikky is combing his hair.. n Dips comes .. cribbing.. saying Chawl bala needs to be brought to ground..! Sikky says.. Dips looks like Tandoori Chicken as in hot..! Dips tells Sikky that.. Madhu is not as simple as they think!

Dips is wondering what to do.. n finds a way the BLUE EYED loverboy .. n taking moby number from Paddo..! The other diners see RK n gush!

Manager offers shampagne.. n RK says.. veggie .. so need water only! RK tells Madhu that.. he feels like feeding drinks to Madhu so some secrets come out…n asks Madhu what secret she is hiding?

Madhu says.. secret?

RK says.. ‘Batooni Badmash Ankhe . jo aaj meri ankho me nahi dekh rahi.. jaise dar rahi hai..koi raz khul na jaye’!

Part 2

Madhu says.. her eyes did speak to his eyes

RK says..lemme stare back n they have a stare see who blinks first..! RK blinks n Madhu says..he lost..! RK says.. he did so the fan doesnt get embarassed…! Madhu says.. it gives invitation to them.. so he better not look!

Madhu says..if Salman Khan stared at her..she did melt too

Part 3

A fan comes n tells RK that she is a big fan .. n watched Kayanat 5 times .. n needs autograph!

She offers tissue paper.. n RK says.. give hand n he will write on the vein that runs to heart.. n Madhu glares!

Madhu excuses herself n RK asks..where to? Staring at Salman?

Precap — RK says.. all this is a plan.. th evening.. her.. Rishbala dance on Marjawa..! Sultan comes there.. n RK sees him n glares..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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