Madhubala 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Simmy starts saying her dialogs and Mehul is not impressed says be subtle not OTT..!

All are getting irritated!

RK tries to help Simmy to calm down.. n counsels her.. n tells her to relax..! Since he is holding her arms.. Simmys mom is very excited! She tells Simmy to keep messing up.. so RK protects her..!

Simmy repeatedly keeps messing up …n says last chance..! RK takes his turn and says his lines … Simmy deliberately drops her saree pallu on RK n he fumes… n says pack up!

RK says can see what u r trying to do … n walks off..! Simmys mom tries to calm her …n Bittu sends her off..!

Roma asks him to relax n RK says.. how to relax.. a girl who cant say her lines.. is trying to trap me.. ! RK says wont tolerate! Mehul says neither

me ..! He says need to find another girl! Bittu ?? Mahurat is tomorrow..!

Mehul says theres another girl … one audition left… but watch with open mind!

Pabho asks for Madhus kundli .. n Radha says.. dun have.. but dun believe anymore..coz.. no better girl for RK than Madhu …! Have heard of Ram-Sita pair. now seen..! Pabho says.. we need to do shanti havan ..for these two.. due to all ups n downs as cant see more hardship for RK..!

Pabho says kundli is science… Dips comes.. n says what problem in showing kundli ??? Pabho says when elders are talking its wrong to eavesdrop. ..! Dips says will ensure… n believe in kundli ..

Pabho says. .my Guru ji is coming… will bless RKs film n make RK-Madhus kundli too ..! She suggests to make Sikky-Dips kundli too!

RK comes to screening room n is met by Mehul see the audition! RK says can show on laptop n Mehul says.. badi baat ke liye bada parda chahiye…aur ye bade parde ke liye paida hui hai..! Relax n watch!

The audition tape is played.. n lights come up .. n RK is shocked to see its Madhu..! He quickly relaxes … seeing Rishbala moments! But suddenly he feels angry

Part 2

Mehul asks RK how he found it? RK says this is my wife. .not a drama… that ur shooting n showing to me..! How to think that i m so despo that i will cast my wife as my heroine? No more talk on this ..else will end up with blood on my hands!

RK goes inside his van ..n Mehul follows… n says running is not a solution! RK says he cannot ridicule one of RKs most imp life decision! Mehul says Madhu is my first choice! RK gives him a glass of drink ..n says drink it in a gulp ..n forget about Madhu ..!

Mehul says … Madhu said no already..coz she like RK cannot see her future…she is born for this..!

Part 3

Mehul says.. dun lie to urself.. u saw the magic too ..when u saw Madhu on screen..! RK says.. no ..! Mehul says ur lying..! U saw the magic of Rishbala …n were lost in it..!

RK says i wont sell my wife for my compulsions … i dun agree to this deal…!

Precap — RK is looking at Madhus image.. on bigscreen n MAdhu asks what is he doing? He says looking at magic… does she not see? Madhu says. .i see myself everyday .. RK says ur so talented.. u can mesmerise all on the bigscreen..! RK says if a superstar asks u to do a movie ..ur answer? Madhu says no .. RK says and a hubby asks? Madhu silent!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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