Madhubala 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1
All scream for RK …as he arrives for the premiere

Dips tells Sikky to take off his glasses and Sikky says… kutta apni puch se.. billi apni much se.. aur Superstar aapne chashme se jane jate hain

Mehul is dealing with press n RK comes

They ask for Madhu

RK says..lets do what we came too! Media says.. as ur wife she stays in ur heart. but she should be here.. as she is lead..! RK says.. made this movie for u all to watch..! All are excited! RK says .. no need to be excited..this film is different!

Film starts..! All watch with concentration!

They show scenes from Rishbala dream dance.. to RK-Madhus shoot scenes. .to Madhu outside Shammos hosp walking in rain final scene of Madhu running from goons n dying! RK keeps drinking thru out the film..!

All are silent after the film ends! Just as all are depressed.. one by one all clap..! Bank Manager.. praises RK.. for the film .. he produced..! Distributor.. praises Madhu n Mehul says.. Beware Madhu is here to stay..!!

RK grinds his teeth! Roma asks RK what he is thinking? That Madhu knocked u out in first film?? She tells him to call himself Superstar..! Roma says ..if there is any superstar in the future..its Madhu!

Part 2

Roma suggests to make a sequel n Mehul says surely. .if RK produces! Bittu tells RK to come n give bytes.. as all are excited about the film..! Dips smirks seeing RKs situation! She tells Sikky RK is troubled n Sikky says .. obviously his film released..! He talks of the snacks at his films premiere .. n Dips fumes n walks off!

Bank manager congratulates RK n says.. right decision to launch Madhu.!! RK says. wait a while.. n goes to address the media..! All scream for RK .. n he waves to them!

Media says. ur a super producer. n feelings of it? RK says.. the tag of superstar will never go from my name! They ask how he feels about making Madhu a superstar n he fumes!

Part 3

RK says i like surprises.. my wife surprised me..! It doesnt matter.. who was better .. me or Madhu ..awards or rewards.. both will come to my home! RK asks wanna ask me something or make me Madhus PR agent? Dips smirks! Media asks why is ur wife not here? RK says culdn come! Right then Madhu comes.. n all wave and scream for her..!

Media congratulate her.. n media asks why u n Madhu din come together? RK looks away from Madhu..!! Sikky says.. wow.. bhabhi is superstar in one day! Media keeps asking Madhu questions..! RK keeps fuming! Madhu is asked why u din come for screening n Madhu says.. was .. n became actress coz RK believed in me!

They ask about Madhus other film..! RK is signing autographs n fan asks every movie with Rishbala.. or others? Madhu excuses herself..! Madhu goes n stands in front of camera holdin RKs hand! Both smile..!!

They ask for solo pic.. RK asks Madhu to walk back n media says only Madhus! RK feels hurt..!

Precap — RK n Madhu are at the mansion n RK thanks Madhu for saving him .. his film .. his family .n if she werent with him.. he did have been over! RK says. .u gave my life a new lifeline.. so wanna give u a gift! Madhu is confused?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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