Madhubala 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is looking for his gogs and Madhu says why u need it .. am here ur lucky charm! RK says.. those are very lucky for! Madhu gives them to him!

RK says Madhu is the heroine of the movie..! Madhu refuses!

RK says..come on and hugs Madhu ..!

Bhujang calls up someone and says..biggest test of ur life.. be ready..! The person (who sounds like RK) says.. never learnt to lose will do whats needed!

Madhu tells RK to leave for the shoot! RK leaves..! Madhu holds her head and RK says.. seems ur unwell so am not going .. ! Madhu insists and he leaves!

Reporter asks PH about the hero and he informs will be there soon! The PH gets message from RK will be late n looks up and sees RK ..! He discusses the scene and there is a band playing n RK starts


PH is shocked seeing RK all streetlike dancing on the music..! A girl closes in on him n asks him to dance with her..! He does.. and in a weird style..! Media films the whole thing and all are shocked! PH walks off. angrily!

Taxi driver notices RK and says ur fan! He drives RK and .. RK enjoys the cool breeze and yawns…! Driver thinks RK is preparing for some new role ..! Meantime RK takes lift from Sikky ..!

Sikky asks RK where his car is and he says broken..! RK asks take to canteen . .Sikky is shocked..! He drives RK to canteen. as in hotel.! Sikky orders food and scotch on rocks for RK!

Part 2

RK spots lassi and doesnt feel like drinking ..! Sikky asks matter? RK says. .hungry so.!

RK burps and all look at him n Sikky says ‘RK ki dakar.. scotch bhi bekar’

RK sees the bill and asks Sikky to pay ..! Meantime he drinks the lassi ..happily!

Part 3

Waiter asks RK why drinking milkshake here? RK chides them …for taking out malai n slimming it by adding milk ..! RK says. . dun argue about milk with me. .i can sniff n say..! Sikky overhears and is shocked!

RK realises he lost his locket and rushes .. out! Sikky thinks RK is preparing for some role!

Real RK arrives on set and asks about Paiji n a spot says left early! RK says weird..! The other RK rushes there looking for the locket! Other RKs phone rings and he chides them for stopping him from finding the locket! RK tries the PH number but he doesnt answer!

Other RK finds the locket..! He puts it back on and is walking near the real RK!

Precap — Bhujang makes the other RK drink …and he swears.. coming to turn ur life upside down Madhu .. n the real RK will be lost and only u and i will remain!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. are you a mad why always separating madhu from rk pls keep them happy for some time ateast, this is borring always fight be romantic rk for some time dont hurt madhu more than rk

  2. Ah my God, why always something which can not happen in real life?????
    what is it, RK,s twin brother??? Even in real life twin brothers can not look like in this tv show!!!!!

    Only mentaly retarded person may continue watching this tv show.

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