Madhubala 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Part 1

Raja asks where is Madhu! Bittu says dont shout! Raja says dont drive me mad .. keep quiet or will get your back in jail! Radha too tries to calm Raja and he says ‘Zyada hoshiyari na dikhao warna dukhiyari ho jaogi’ ..! Lela tries Madhus moby but its not working! Radha tells Lela that Madhu cant run ..! Madhu returns and says went to temple to take blessings and now taking yours! Radha blesses Madhu .. ‘Bhagwan na kabhi teri gardan jhukae na nazar’ ..! She prays for better sense to prevail to the one who tries to trouble Madhu! Madhu says am going to fight Mahabharat of my life and will emerge victorious! Madhu tells Bittu to take care of himself! Madhu says dont take tension, both of you … eat relax ..! Madhu says you got bail and soon this case will be over too! Bittu says what you did, no one else can! Madhu says what am gonna do, no one has seen . .nor heard! Raja smirks! Madhu says going to turn an animal to human! Madhu hugs Bittu and then Rajbala leave!

Tauji is holding Taijis pic and Agni-Tara bring luggage! Bhanu is about to leave and asks about Falguni! She comes and requests Tauji that they should leave with Raja only! Bhanu says wanna stay here then do, lets leave! Falguni tries to reason but Tauji stops her and says if u worry for Raja more, stay with him! They all leave and Agni pushes Falguni on the way out! Right then Raja enters the mansion..! He asks Tauji where are you guys going ..! Got your criminal here for you! Raja turns and calls out and Madhu comes in front!

Part 2

Raja says promised to you that will bring your criminal here and have! Punish her and then leave! Raja says i hate her more than you love me! Bhanu says its too late, we wont stay back! Raja says no one is stopping you! I am only talking to Tauji! Tauji recollects Taijis accident and her death, reasons of it! Tauji says i will stay back! Agni says whats the use! Tauji says the house where Taiji died, wont leave till she gets peace! You guys wanna go, then go! Tara says we cant leave without you! Tauji says then stay back! Raja asks Madhu to come inside too!

Later in the nite, Madhu talks to Falguni! Falguni says the whole thing how Bhanu went to Madhus place and you turned him down! Madhu tells Falguni that Bhanu din tell her about how serious Taiji was and needed blood that only Raja could give! Madhu says i dinno, had i known, would have released Raja! Falguni says then tell the truth to all .. ! Madhu says no use, they wont trust me! Madhu says will say it when the time is right! Falguni rues that Madhu is being punished without any crime! Madhu says its a age old tradition, even Lord Ram was sent to exile for no fault and in jungle he killed animals! Madhu says am following my destiny too ..and am here in this jungle to humanize these animals! She reassures Falguni that they will deal with these animals for their wrong doings!

Raja screams out for Madhu! She comes! Tauji says you have to do penance for your offense..! Raja says from today for next 7 days after sunset till sunrise, you have to light the diya in front of Taijis pic and keep it alight all the time! Agni says no use, she din care for Taiji when she was alive. why will she now! Raja says ‘diya bujha to saza’ ..! She wont let it go out coz of fear! Bhanu asks who will ensure that! Raja says i .. will keep watch!

Part 3

Radha is still awake and sees Bittu awake! He rues that only see Madhus face and worry for her.. dunno whats going on with her there! Radha says your sick .. if u dont rest, u will fall sick! Bittu says Madhu din do right! Bittu says i feel guilty! He rues that she got me out of hell and put herself in another hell! Dont know what condition she is in! Radha says i will go stay with her! Bittu asks how long will u stay with her.. we need a way out that is forever! Radha says dun have anyone except u ..! They are so powerful, how will we fight! Bittu says keep faith! RK is still remembered .. and loved ..! I will go talk to them and tell them what is happening to RKs daughter! Will go to them . .find them and get a solution! Keep faith!

Raja throws chatai on floor and tells Madhu ur bed! Madhu stares at Raja! Raja says din give u bed as u cant sleep for next 7 nites! Raja gives diya to Madhu and says gave it to you to keep it alight whole nite…and it should not blow off! Madhu glares at Raja! Raja say punishment is that if diya blows off.. you will have to keep it alight by keeping it on your hand! Madhu glares at Raja! Raja says not scared! Madhu makes the diya! Raja tells Madhu , pray to God that he doesnt punish anyone else like this! Madhu swears that i will turn this jungle to a home and make you animals .. human!

Bhanu says if Madhu gets burnt with diya, Raja will be blamed..! Agni says no, Tauji will give him credit for avenging Taijis death! She says if Raja is killed coz of Madhu, then our plan will work! Bhanu says we need one more trick so that diya bati ka khel khatam ho jaye! Rajbala stare at each other!

Precap — Madhu falls asleep and Raja splashes water on her face! She wakes up with a start and notices diya is gone! Raja says u like saza so.. he alights diya on Madhus hand! Madhu glares at Raja!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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