Madhubala 23rd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 23rd March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks Aryan to eat n he does tho unwillingly ..! Paddo asks Aryan to come inside but Aryan is scared n hugs Madhu She assures she is not gonna leave him..! Aryan breaksdown n Madhu comforts him n helps him lie down n sleep..!

Some roadside goons steal Sultans wallot and lighter n run off..! Sultan opens his eyes.. He bashed up the goons and is about to kill them when they hand over his things n their mobile to him..!

Kaka returns n signals to Madhu that he could not track Sultan! There is a prayer call of Allah and Madhu-Kaka .. Sultan too hear it..! Sultan calls Kaka n gives his whereabouts n informs he is shot!

Kaka tells Aryan they need to rush to Sultan .. Madhu detects there is some issue..! She asks Kaka to comfort Sultan till she takes care of Aryan! Kaka refuses!

At the mansion, Dips asks Radha about RK .. n she says..he has reached US safely..! She starts to crib about how Madhu hurt RK n how Radha chose to slap RK..! Radha says.. a mother cares the most. .but needs to discipline her kid too..! She says RK admitted he is wrong.. so..! She says GOOD NITE to Dips n is off!

Sultan keeps listening to the musical lighter to help him keep conscious n Kaka-Aryan arrive..! Aryan asks him if he is gonna die TOO ..??? Sultan asks him to look at him n no more tears! Madhu arrives too n is concerned seeing Sultan..!

He shouts on her for coming .. n Madhu tries to explain ..n Sultan tells her .she is on one to decide on Aryans behalf! Sultan passes out n Madhu supports him to sit..n he rests his head on her arms..! Kaka goes to get some stuff to take care of Sultan..!

Part 2

Kaka screams out to Aryan – Madhu to not let Sultan go unconscious .. n Madhu shakes him n he wakes up..! He passes out again on Madhus kandha..!

She n Kaka help Sultan to lie down …n opens his shirt.! Madhu reassures Aryan..!

Kaka heats up a knife

Part 3

His hands are shaking to remove the bullet .n he tells Madhu to do it..! Madhu is shocked..!

Precap — Madhu takes the knife .. n Kaka asks her to hurry up..! Madhus hands are shaking too…! There is thundering n Madhu is scared..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

  1. the name of this serial is madhubala ek ishq ek junoon.please dont bring sultan,gangster etc.director sir please bring only rk and madhu love.please

  2. Director Sahab, would just want to convey the public opinion that public wants RK & MADHU again in their love relationship so please dont drag the story towards Sultan & Madhu which is not at all at all acceptable and rediculous. This is Ok that Sultan son’s aryan can be taken care by Madhu and RK later on but not Sultan as Madhu’s husband. Instead please show that how RK realizes his mistakes and this distance of RK will make him more closer to Madhu leaving his EGO aside and accepts that he too love madhu truely from the bottom of his heart and a proper wedding bell as Dips comment madhu as Chaar phera wali so 7 pheras of RK & Madhu. For God sake don;t make this serial a joke in connecting sultan and madhu. Hope message is clear. Thanks

  3. This is a total shit. It is not a story but a big fat sware on women. It is not the story of a woman who faces so many obstacles in life but the story of a hore who spends nights with two guys. Is that how an indian woman live her life? This is a shame a total shame.

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