Madhubala 21st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 21st December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is informed about Rias incident n rushes to her..! He finds out about her having Madhus bangles n their convo..!

He brings her home n all are shocked! He cancels the puja.. n all leave! He makes Bittu open guest room for Ria!

RK fumes on Madhu and says.. all coz of u.. Ria tried to hurt herself

RK asks Madhu u gave Ria the bangles to Ria.. ??? Madhu says yes.. coz she needed money

RK says lies..

Madhu says.. went to meet Ria ..but only to say.. no third person can come between Rishbala

Madhu says my love is not so weak.. that have to buy it from an unknown girl ..! Madhu says din say anything to hurt ..her!

RK says.. u were so insecure.. u told her off…she being emotionally weak.. tried to kill herself..

Tried to convince

u . .that nothing between us.. still?

Madhu says… that girl loves u. .n is playing games with u..!RK says i know.. she loves me.! I dun love Ria! Madhu tries to clear her stand n says.. i told Ria off n she was convinced..! U went to Ria n ruined things..! Madhu says i went to her..coz i cant bear to see someone entering ur life..!

RK asks then why went to meet her? RK says.. i thot my Madhu cant do anything wrong .but u broke my trust! Madhu asks RK to think from her side too!

Madhu asks how to bear ..that the girl who told her..she loves u.. is in my house.. n i will go welcome her? RK asks remember Sultan? I beared that too..

RK says. .if i thot like u.. i wuldn have married u..! RK says this girl will stay here till she is ok …n thats final! Madhu is shocked!

Pabho fumes on Madhu ..says he told u .there was nothing between them. .n u culdn trust him?? Dips taunts her too .. about her so called blind trust over RK ..!

Right then Police arrives ..n asks for RK..n talks of Rias suicide attempt n how they want to take a statement! RK goes with Cops in Rias room..! Radha feels weak n Sikky takes her to her room!

Cop asks Ria the reason for her suicide attempt? Ria looks at RK-Madhu ..! Pabho n Dips rejoice about Madhus mess up n how she will end up in jail..!!

Cops come n share how Ria only talked of depression being the reason! They leave! RK goes to his room …!

Later RK is about to go to change n Madhu comes to RK trying to explain! RK says.. thank ur stars that the girl din say.. all to cops or else..! Madhu says was only trying to explain to her.. !RK says.. tie me around u.. then.. n chides her for her childishness..!

Next day.. Ria says.. got ur bangles back? Madhu says.. yes.. n will ensure it doesnt land in wrong hands again! Madhu says.. get well soon n Ria says so she leaves??? Madhu says yes.. will take good care of u .. so u get well n leave .. so u know my hubby is mine!

Ria smirks n says… keep dreaming. . u have no idea..what plans i have for u.. will turn this whole game around!

Ria adds some liquid in it…n smirks!

Radha is fixing breakfast n Madhu asks about RK! Radha says.. tv room or gym n Sikky says.. he went in Rias room!

RK comes to Ria. .n finds Ria coufing n she says.. feeling pukish …din eat anything last nite..n just drank tea! RK checks the tea n says its spoilt! Ria says.. din see .. Madhu gave it..!

RK fumes .. n Ria says now he will ask his wife.. how dare u do such cheap act Madhu?

Madhu says… what did Ria accuse me of now? Poisoning her? RK says din say that just that u were not careful in preparing tea! Ria comes n says .. dun fight coz of me.. i will leave! RK says.. no .. till ur ok ..u will stay here! Ria asks about Madhu n RK says..she wont come near u ..! Radha asks RK to mind his language n asks Madhu to come with her n Madhu fumes n says.. wanna see how low RK can fall …!

They still walk away! RK tells others that Ria is his guest and should not be troubled.. by anyone!

Madhu comes to her room n finds Ria wearing her clothes n fumes n she says. RK said to wear ur clothes so wearing them .n just like this . one day will make ur hubby mine! Madhu says to mind language n Ria says.. mind ur tone.. or RK will come!

Ria says.. ur hubby cares a lot … n as such this dress suits me better just like ur hubby! Madhu asks her to leave..! Right then Ria spots RK!

Ria tells Madhu … RK told so wearing ur clothes.. dun be angry! Ria offers to go change n Madhu says to cut it. .n RK comes n says.. i told her to wear ur clothes!

Radha tells Madhu to come with her to temple n RK says..good go eat Bappas head !RK asks Pabho any nivaran for overthinking? Radha-Madhu-Pabho-Dips leave for temple!

RK asks Ria if she wants to go with them n she says. .not feeling well..!

Ria worries about Madhu being angry on her.. for wearing her clothes n RK says.. she doesnt overthink dun worry! Ria asks if he minds? RK says no till she doesnt wear any of Madhus yellow dresses.. he is ok! Ria smiles

Precap — Madhu prays to Bappa to give her courage to keep her relationship n her hubby safe!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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