Madhubala 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mami bringing suitcases. Pam asks her what is all this. Mami tells her that she will be staying in this house. Pam is shocked. Mami asks for tea. Mami says I came to stay here permanently. Pam says what. Mami says my two daughters are married in this house, Abhay asked me to come here. Mami starts the drama and asks did I do right. She says I will meet Sweety, send me tea there and ask someone to bring my luggage there. She takes the biscuits with both hands and leaves. Madhu talks to Kanha and says today is the start of my new life, I know the decision which I took will be tough. She says but like always, you have always supported me and will always be with me. RK comes and sees the red chunri. He smiles and takes it.

He puts it on Madhu. She looks at him and smiles. She does his aarti. She gives him prasad. RK talks to Kanha and says husband and wife are equal, so I will also do her aarti. He does her aarti. She looks at him. Mami talks to Sweety and says I will play such a game that Abhay won’t be able to stay without you and soon you will move from floor to the bed, we will remove the contract and only marriage will be there. Sweety smiles. Madhu hears flute sound and smiles looking around. She sees RK playing it. She smiles and comes to him with breakfast. Madhu records it and praises him.

RK looks at her. She says play some tune. RK says no, I won’t have food. He says I don’t know how to play. She says liar, I will show you and plays the recording. RK smiles. She says fine, but have food fast. RK says I don’t want this. She says then what. He says I want hot puris. She says I will make it, but it will take time, till then you have this milk. RK drinks water and makes the glass empty and then he divides the milk equally in two glasses and says you said husband and wife are equal, so we have share it equally. Madhu thinks what to do, I m not hungry, how to drink it now.

RK drinks it and looks at her. He says you did cheating why did you not drink. She says I will drink it later. He closes her nose and makes her drink. He claps for her. She laughs.

Madhu sees Mami and asks her is she staying here, then what about Bittu. Mami and Sweety taunts and scolds her. Mam says Sweety’s husband is superstar Abhay Kapoor and your husband is mad. Sweety is the owner and you are a servant. She asks Madhu what is she cooking in breakfast. Madhu says the cook will make it. Mami laughs and says I have sent the cook on leave, you have to cook now. Mami asks Madhu not to complain to Abhay as they have told him they will eat only if you cook. She says Abhay asked me to do what I want, go and make food for us now. Madhu leaves.

Madhu is making puri too for RK. Dolly helps her. RK comes to Madhu and asks her to blow some flour on him. Madhu does so. Dolly laughs. RK loves it and claps. Mami asks for food. Madhu says 5 mins. Dolly asks RK to leave and see his hero. RK takes the flour plate with him and leaves.

RK calls out Leela aunty. Mami tells Sweety to see how she plays a game with him. RK blows flour on her and claps saying its fun. Mami gets angry and throws flour in his eyes. He shouts and is hurt. Mami says open your eyes, play the game now. She is about to throw more flour and Madhu holds her hand to stop her. She comes in between to save RK. Mami looks at Madhu. Madhu says I m his wife. Madhu scolds Mami. Dolly smiles. Mami says how dare you, I will not leave you both. Madhu says punish him if he did anything wrong, but he did as its a play for him and what you did was revenge, so its not his mistake, but yours mistake. Mami scolds Madhu and calls RK an animal who does not need to be in between humans. RK cries hearing this.

RK cries. Madhu comes to him and asks him not to cry. RK asks why do they laugh on me, am I mad.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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