Madhubala 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mehul watches RK-Madhu thru the monitor and says .. found the heroine of my movie

RK asks where? Mehul says din recognise her.. she was always here..! RKs phone rings n he excuses himself as its the bank..

Mehul asks Madhu her decision .. n Mehul says.. .. woh jinka kaam hai apne me dube rehna aur chup chap chamakte rehna…bada mushkil hai yaro sitaro ko aina dikhana..! Mehul says.. she is the one. Madhu ..! Mehul says. introducing Madhubala Rishabh Kundra..! Madhu brushes it off saying ..nice joke!

Mehul says seeing the magic which leaves people agape.. shocked ..delighted ..excited..she has it in her…! Roma agrees .. says..her entry had magic..! Madhu is flustered. .! Roma says RK-Madhu together will set the screen on fire! The choreo asks if Madhu knows how to dance? Roma says. .the one who makes RK dance can dance..! Mehul shows Madhu her recorded footage..!

Madhu says.. not interested… Mehul says role has chosen u..! Madhu says.. am not trained.. RK has put his all in this production..!Mehul says.. people get addicted to it ..once they start.! Mehul says.. acting runs in blood… she has it in her! Madhu says respect u.. but he has made it a joke! Mehul says not a joke!

Mehul says..this is it.. Madhu will be my heroine! Madhu says he can decide about the movie. .n my life . my decision n decision is ..wont be an actress..! Mehul asks why n Madhu says. .every eye is different.. n their dreams are different …no dreams of becoming an actress..! Want to be RKs housewife!

Dips sees Pabho pacing around n says dun wait.. RK-Madhu will be late..! Pabho asks Dips to get hot water and oil to do foot massage..! RK comes back n tells Madhu .. bank ready to give funds.. no one can stop to make the movie.. only problem heroine!

RK asks where is the heroine? Who is it? Mehul says Madhu..n then changes n says. .ask Madhu who is it…! RK asks Madhu n she says Mehul liked the audition . of a girl n realised its wrong choice..! Mehul leaves challenge to Madhu that they shall see tomorrow..!

Part 2

Dips gets the hot water container.. n leaves oil and duster by her side…n says if u need call me..! Pabho says.. she has to apply the oil on her feet! Dips is uncomfy! She wears rubber gloves to apply the oil! Pabho taunts her !

Part 3

Dips does the massage n later Pabho says good massage..!

Dips helps Pabho to go rest in her room…when Sikky puts Dips audition tape on and Pabho is shocked to see ..!

Precap —- Kuku tells Amar that RK has arranged for finance for his movie! Amar asks who gave money? Kuku says no idea! Amar says find out.. RK cannot make a movie.. this movie is door to his destruction!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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