Madhubala 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says dun want that u give birth to this child! Madhu slaps RK! Madhu says how dare u? How can u even think such a thing? Madhu says agreed we have lots of troubles but what if we faced these problems after having the baby? Left it or killed it? All this money,cars is in vain..! Those are lucky who become parents! Thot we both are fighters but no..u r weak..rather ur selfish and only purpose is that film..! Madhu says u only worry about what will happen to that film can it be bigger than the kid? Din think what u are saying n about who? Ur own child? Will u be happy by killing ur own child? RK says yes. am weak. .and selfish coz i cant see u and our child in pain.! U can flow with emotions and say whatever u want but i m gonna show u the truth of the future! Madhu asks where is ur truth when u decided to make me the heroine of ur film? U were ready to fight ur destiny..take a risk.but this truth din come in front of ur face..! It din ..coz u had faith in me..and held my hand! Wish u had that same faith today.. could say that we can solve all troubles and save our world! RK says u are seeing two things in the same light! Just dont want my kid to come in a world where troubles are waiting for him from the start! Madhu is in tears! RK says i can fight ..u can fight but we dun have right to include the kid in this fight! Madhu says why does it need to fight.. we will fight for it! I dun care about the world..but if the father of the child doesnt care of the child.. i dun care of the world! Madhu rues that our kid is listening ot all this.. how could u do this? RK says.. i dun wanna care for the one ..i dun wanna bring in this world! Madhu glares at RK who moves away from her..! Both are fuming! Madhu holds on to her tummy and is emotional!

Later in the night, RK is coufing..! Madhu offers to get water for him! RK says dun need.. u sleep! Madhu says i cant ..ur coufing is disturbing me! Madhu goes to get water! Madhu suddenly trips and is about to fall from the stairs but balances herself just in time! Right then RK comes from behind …! Madhu turns and sees him and is suspicious! RK asks Madhu if she is fine? How she tripped? Madhu glares at RK! RK asks why staring at me like this? Madhu says i din trip on my own! RK fumes saying u wanna say that i? RK says are u nuts? Doubting me? Pabho comes to the hall and sees them standing .. while RK – Madhu keep glaring at each other! Radha is offering water to Madhu..! Pabho asks who could have pushed u? Dips says its ur misconception .no one here can do such a thing! Sikky asks if its some ghots issue! Dips says two ghosts cant stay in one house! Sikky counts her as one! Both glare at each other! Radha says its possible u slipped accidentally? Radha offers to call doc n Madhu says i and my kid are safe! Madhu glares at RK! Dips asks Pabho if she noticed the way Madhu was staring at RK? Guess there is some issue between them! RK tries to lie down on the bed n trips and RK helps him sit ..! RK says handle urself first..and then me! Madhu asks why saying so? RK says.. accusing ur own hubby of pushing u down the stairs.. is not wrong? Madhu says din say so! RK says ur eyes are saying so! RK says am not crazy! Madhu says after our conversation i realised that u care for nothing more than ur film! RK says yes am kameena.. but not berahem! Madhu says how dare u say all that about ur own kid ? RK tries to explain and Madhu says my own father din want me in the world but my mom fought for me.. faced all troubles and din gave birth to me. n today after so many years am at my moms place..! Madhu says am at the same place.. n i will give birth to my kid. .with or without its fathers consent! RK glares n asks how dare u say all this? Madhu asks how dare u say all this about our kid? I feel creeped out seeing u! Madhu lies on the bed..and turns her face away! BG – Fir kyun har pal bechaini hai..!

Radha is making laddos and says am very happy ..! Cant believe we are gonna be grannies! Pabho tells Radha to tell Madhu to be careful at the starting! Radha says 2 days of shoot n she will be home n i will take care of her! Pabho says good! Dips says no genuine person in this house. all are wearing masks! Sikky says. u are team captain of them all..! Dips says.. Pabho was planning things to kick Madhu out till yesterday and today she is acting as if she has adopted Madhu! Pabho asks Radha to take care of Madhus diet too..! Dips overhears Pabho saying that Madhu should not eat til, coffee and other heavy things as it hurts the baby! Sikky suggests Dips that she should plan for a baby too she gets all the adulation like Madhu..and as such he is not young like RK so..! Dips says why not pray that u get a paralytic attack like RK? Dips sends Sikky off..! Pabho overhears her and asks her to join to make laddo for Madhu! Dips fumes!

Part 2

At the studio, Mehul thanks all for their hardwork for the movie! He thanks RK for his tantrums and Madhu for her hardwork..! RK-Madhu look at each other! Mehul says Madhu ur fantastic…and u will go ahead of ur hubby! All clap! Mehul says only final sequence is left.. so we need more less time! Lets get back to work! Mehul says its a touf sequence and difficult too in ur condition! Prepare urself mentally and physically and take some rest too! RK says we need to change this climax scene! Mehul says decided at the start that this sequence is important and we cant change it! RK says. ‘Iss duniya me maut ke siva aur koi scene nahi jo taye ho aur badli na ja sake’! Madhu asks why? Worried for me? I will do this scene! RK fumes!

Part 3

Mehul tells RK that he has to decide about the schedules for promotion and interviews! Mehul asks Madhu if she is ok and ready for the shot? Madhu says yes! He asks Madhu if she plans to stop at one? RK says want 3 kids.. 2 daughters and one son! Mehul says so the world has to bear another RK! All smile.. ! Madhu recollects RK and her convo in the past in the studio and at home about 3 kids! She pouts!

Pabho is shown sneaking in the kitchen and adds something poisonous to the laddos kept there! She says.. sorry ..lil one but cant let u come in this world!

Precap — RK says only 48 hours with u.. once shoot ends we will go to the doctor! Pabho says just for a while.. the young one will be in pain and then it will be all peace!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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