Madhubala 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks RK ..who he is force himself on her?

RK holds her finger n says cutely… m RK Madhu says.. SHUT UP .. n go..! RK says.why she is talking such? Madhu says..she doesnt talk to guys like him n RK thanks her! n says..dun ask to go away..

RK tells Madhu that he is hurting n wants her to talk to him.. ! Madhu is crying Madhu pushes RK n loses balance n is in RKs arms RK-Madhu eyelock.. BG- Hum hai dewane!

Madhu pats on RKs chest n asks if he was gonna push her? RK says.. he wont have let her! RK says.. no touching.. only talking!

They hear some noises.. n RK says.. someplace else..they can go n talk! Madhu leave me..n threatens to call cops..! She enters the PCO booth to call n RK if she will lose height to answer..! Madhu asks number n RK says some number! Madhu says ur number? She calls n RK says..he is cop ..hud hud dabang..! Madhu says..he is DIL-less insaan.. and RK says.. and he is kameena n Madhu says.. thats his name!

RK says..answer my question n Madhu says. no coins so. .cant! RK gives her coins! RK says.. just like in village.. i danced for coins.. n Madhu he knows this? It was part of his plan n RK says. .nope.. its not! ! Madhu struggles to open the door n RK helps too but both are locked inside..! BG – Beintehan! Madhu tells RK that.. she n him have been stuck before like this in her dreams! RK says..he too dreamt of her! He says..he saw her when SHE was dancing. .both dancing on Raat akeli hai!

Madhu asks who she? RK says.. that one..who is irritating.. n is at home too n Madhu apes Dips! Madhu sits down n says..she does not wanna remember anything ! RK says..he has a question to ask! RK says they can play ‘spin the bottle’ n ask each other questions.. Madhu refuses to play but relents! RK asks Madhu why she left him n that he thought he will b happy taking revenge but.. he isnt? Madhu takes a sip..!

Part 2

RK tells her that.. he tried to hate her. but cant! Madhu says.. to try a bit more.. then he can .. like she does! RK asks..if she hates him? Madhu says yes! RK asks sadly if it was easy to hate him? Madhu says.. she has to kill herself to hate him!

Part 3

RK hurts him too … but its ok..! Madhu says..what is he? what does he want? RK says..she should know

Precap — RK Madhu are lying on the bed in RKs room in RK mansion n looking at each other!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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