Madhubala 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says.. this is a gift..send by Madhu n her new lover.. Radha reminds RK about his limits.. n RK says..he learnt today.. limits are meant to be forgotten!

Radha asks Bittu the matter? Paddo asks Madhu why ..she went back to Sultans place?? Madhu explains.. She says.. she is the loser in all this ego tiff..! She recounts how RK humiliated her.. Right then RK calls

He is drunk n says..that even if he is her ex..she can talk sweetly .. n asks for her lovers number! He offers to meet up her lover n fight it out.. n puts a terms n conditions ‘for REAL MEN’! Madhu says she wont give n RK says.. why coz he isnt man enouf?!

Madhu cuts the call .. RK calls again! Madhu ignores .! RK recollects seeing Madhu with her lover [Sultan] n rues if their love was so weak..that Madhu moved on so easy? What ties him to her..why he cant say ALVIDA.. n why it hurts?

Madhu says..she wanna go away from all this mess..! Right then RK calls again! There is knock on the door of their home ..! Paddo opens n its Sultan! Paddo asks him to stay away n Sultan says..its all as per destiny ..!

Sultan tells Madhu that Aryan is his life n so he couldnt tolerate anyone ill treating him! He apologises to Madhu n offers her money for her loss! Madhu says.. money cant make up for every loss .esp money earned by causing pain! Sultan drives off ..! RK is driving too ..! RK loses control n bangs his car on a tree n Sultan rushes to help!

Part 2

RK is unconscious n Sultan carries him to his car! RK asks the matter n Sultan shares the details..

Sultan offers to drop RK home .. RK hesitates but agree..! Sultan says that girls n drinks..if cant handle dun try .. n RK says.. if one loses control.only then they can control life..! RK wonders about marrying Madhu first time.. meeting her n Sultan asks for address! RK suggests whisky pass instead of bypass

RK talks of Madhus new lover .. whose eyes he saw.. then his back.. n then a letter n blabbers on ..!

Part 3

Sultan switches on Car light n realises its RK .n takes out his gun.. n RK says..he must be bored with RKs story..!

Precap — Paddo asks Madhu to slam the money on RKs face n say. .that people respect a poor persons.. respect.. not poverty! Madhu hugs Paddo!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Superb,fantastic epi.. Awesome epi,precap.. Waiting for 2mrw.. 🙂

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