Madhubala 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK thinking Madhu’s words. He says what to do, some plan has to be there. Bhanu comes to him and put hot coals on his wounds. He speaks against Dau ji and thinks even if I said this, he is not going against Dau ji. He asks RK did he think anything. RK says his plan to Bhanu and asks for his help. Bhanu smiles. Bittu says Madhu she won’t go anywhere, as they will always be with him. He says we will shift somewhere else. Bhanu comes there. Leela talks to Madhu and says your Bittu Mama is being emotional, and can’t see what will happen, you leave my house and go, you also happy and let us be happy. Bhanu opens the door.

Bittu tells Dida that RK will not come till he is not home. Madhu says I will leave soon, but till I m here, you have to bear me. Bhanu takes Bittu’s bag and keeps some small packets in it. (Possibly drugs!!) Bittu says I have earned my name by honesty, I can get a job anytime, we all will be together and become each other’s support. Bhanu smiles. Bittu says don’t worry Madhu, now don’t say you will leave from here. Bhanu covers his face and leaves. Leela hears some sound and turns to see. Bittu asks who is there and goes to see. Bhanu runs. They don’t see anyone. Madhu asks who was there. Bittu says I could not see his face.

The police comes to search their house. Madhu and her family are shocked. The police they find the drugs ion Bittu’s bag and arrest him. Madhu cries. Bittu says I don’t know anything, I did not do this. Madhu says he did not go this. Leela says stop, my husband can’t get this, he is really nice, this is happening because of Madhu, they are framing him. They take away Bittu. Leela cries and says Madhu this is happening because of you, till you are here, this will happen. She asks Madhu to leave her house. Madhu and Dida cry.

Its morning, Tara brings tea for Dau ji. Dida comes to them. She enters the house in anger and asks where is RK. Dau ji says he is not here, who are you. Dida says I m Madhu’s Dadi. Dau ji scolds her. Dida says what happened with you, we regret for it, I brought Madhu here, you can ask the watchman, we did not where you went, to which graveyard. Dau ji asks her to leave. Dida says what you are doing with Madhu, is wrong. She says what she is bearing is because of you all, why are you doing this, just leave her. Agni says mind your tongue, he is my Dau ji. Dida says I m Madhu’s Dida.

Dida says you are doing this as we are weak, shall we keep quiet. Tara says no, Madhu has blamed her husband on false charge, explain her. Dau ji says I know your Madhu, don’t waste my time. Dida says its our fight, why did you drag Bittu, why did you frame him in drug scam. Dau ji is shocked. Dida says yes, RK has did this to break down Madhu, Bittu is arrested. Dau ji says I don’t know, find out in police. Dida says I will not go anywhere, till you get Bittu freed. Agni says will you be there then. Dida sits there doing a Dharna.

Agni calls Madhu and tells her about Dida doing a Dharna at their home, why did she send her. Madhu says is Dida there. Agni says yes, come and take her, else you won’t find her alive. Madhu gets tensed and says Dida at RK’s house, I will call her. Dida’s phone does not connect. Madhu says I can’t do there, what to do, I have to do something, don’t know what that animal do with me. Leela stops her and asks where are you going. Madhu tells her everything. Leela says great and now even you are going, who will think about Bittu, no one will come from sky to free him. She asks do you worry about him.

Madhu says I m doing. Leela says what are you doing for him. Madhu says I will bring Dida first and then find a good lawyer, to get him bailed out. Leela says it means Dida first and Bittu last, you area mcourse for my family, you have snatched my family’s happiness, get out, even chawl people are telling strange things about Bittu. Madhu looks at her. Leela says why are staring at me, come with me, let Dida go to hell. Madhu says you can’t force me, don’t blame me, but from now on, don’t call my Dida a curse. Leela scolds her and says how dare you hold my hand. I will not leave you. She goes ahead to slap Madhu and Madhu holds her hand. RK comes there and looks at Madhu smiling.

RK tells Bhanu I told you to keep fake notes there and you kept drugs, police can catch us. Bhanu says nothing will happen. Agni thinks RK or Madhu should be caught, then she will be Dau ji’s heir.

Update Credit to: Amena

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