Madhubala 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells Radha if she remembers that she made sarso saag last year and forgot to add salt

Radha says n cried coz.. RK din praise u

Madhu says this year planned a surprise dinner in the room

Ria comes to the mansion n insists to meet RK .. n security says.. he is not at home..come later! Ria forces to enter .. ! RK comes right at that time..! RK arrives too ..n Ria hugs him!

Ria talks of going for long drive n RK says.. have to take Madhu out.. so! Ria says later…?? RK says.. need to spend time with Madhu! Ria says .. thinking of my status?

RK says we will go later.. n Ria says.. u said we were besties then why? RK says.. .. i was drunk n i said things n Ria says.. so nasha utra dosti utri.. !! She breaksdown .. n says.. should have

let me die! RK tries to calm her but Ria is squeezing his hand n says.. hate it that people come in my life n leave too!

RK says wanna give up all this drinks n lifestyle as Madhu doesnt like it! Ria says.. thats it then? She walks away ..RK n Ria turn n look at each other n Ria hugs RK! She puts lipstick mark on RKs shirt! She tries to close in on him n RK says.. to leave..!

RK comes inside the hall ..! Ria swears that she wont let RK belong to Madhu …n he will have to come to her! RK-Madhu close in in the room n Madhu says sarso ka saag n RK says purple orchid! they reconcile..that RK will eat Sarso ka saag n Madhu will eat at purple orchid!

RK says.. candle light .. biwi ka pyaar.. RK kahin candle ko saag samajh ke na kha jana!

Madhu notices the lipstick mark …n asks u had special sequence? RK says no! Madhu says then why din u take my call? coz u were with Ria! RK says yes. .but.. n Madhu walks off! RK holds her hand n pulls her close n says think logically ..!

Madhu says.. what if i came in this state? U did think logically? U did have killed that person who put such mark on me..! RK says swear on u .. nothing wrong happened!

Part 2

RK says lets go to hotel? Madhu says.. dun feel like it..! Am in lot of pain.. i need ur support. .but u din support me. rather sought support from others!

Madhu says trying to forgive u.. but need time! Madhu switches lights off n goes to sleep!

Next day.. morning.. Madhu is searching for RK n he offers breakfast! She is hesitant ..! RK offers lunch! Pabho-Radha come n says.. jagrata today.. so.. not possible! RK agrees for jagrata!

Ria keeps messaging n calling RK ..trying to apologise.. but he cuts her call!

RK offers coffee to Madhu n she says dun need it .. !

Ria messages RK saying coming home and he calls her…! Ria apologises again…n assures not to repeat it again! RK says no need to come home.. ! Madhu overhears!

Precap — Ria tells Madhu that very soon she will go from Mrs. RK to Ex-wife of RK ..! Ria challenges Madhu n says in 12 hours.. RK will be close to her! Madhu is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Will RIA Seperate Madhu n RK

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