Madhubala 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th April 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK tells Pam and Nikhil that if they wish to stay in this house.. they have to be decent..! AK says never gave anyone chances after one mistake! Annie admits her mistake …n says got trapped in relationship mess… a sister lost to a wife… wont argue anymore and will leave from here!

AK says as u wish! Annie walks out of the room but asks Nikhil if he will come along and AK says ofcourse! AK asks Annie to break his promise of not working in movies and she nods and AK says … lost my ties with my sister.. but ties with fans will be reinstated!

Madhu comes to Raju with all the bridal wear.. and sindoor .. mangalsutra! Raju asks what it is? Madhu says that what a hubby puts on a wife.. n i have accepted u as my hubby!

Raju asks what is a hubby? Madhu says the one who treats his wife as equal .. puts bangles on her … fills sindoor in her hair.. mangalsutra around her neck .. ! Raju is smiling and Madhu is in tears..! Rau puts the red churni on her ..!

Raju says u look pretty and takes her in front of mirror n says.. u look beautiful ..! He puts the churni on his head too and says i look good right? They smile..!

Part 2

Sweetie is all excited seeing AKs bedroom and says see such huge rooms in films ..! She says.. such big pic of AK ..its like a poster!

She says the bed is so comfy …

She smirks about being Mrs. Abhay Kapoor… ! She recollects AK offering to marry Sweetie …! AK says wont get a mom in law like u..! Lela blushes..!

AK offers Rs.10 lacs to Lela per month! He says 6 months …not one year! Sweetie says.. 6 months? AK says.. its contract marriage.. once property on my name we will divorce!

Lela agrees..! Sweetie asks for AK to come soon!

Raju wakes up and notices Madhu turning n she tells him to sleep! Raju says u cheated..! u said hubby wife r equal .. ! Madhu says they are..! Raju says.. no they r not ..i sleep here. u sleep down.. not right..! U sleep here!

AK says two people cant sleep on this bed..! Sweetie asks why? AK says do as told… !

He slams the blanket down and Raju says if u dun come up here.. i will sleep down! Madhu hesitates.. but Raju insists n sleeps on the floor!

Sweetie tells AK .. not to do this.. n sleep on the bed.. ! AK smirks at her..! Madhu agrees to sleep on bed..!

AK tells Sweetie to get off the bed .. n sleep on the floor..! AK tells Sweetie .. ‘Maine tumhe jitna upar lana tha.. la diya. aab isse upar uthne ki sochna bhi mat’..!

AK sleeps on the bed and Sweetie on floor! Raju smiles looking at Madhu ..! He pats her head n tells her to sleep ..!

Part 3

Madhu wakes up first and turns n sees Raju being troubled by the sun as he sleeps..! Madhu blocks the sun with her hand..n plays with light – shadow..! She notices the AC and gets up but finds her dupatta held firmly by Raju ..!

She tries to remove his grip but cant…! Madhu sits in front of him and pats his hair..! Puts kala tikka on him..!

Raju wishes Madhu gud morning ..! She leaves her dupatta with Raju ..! She seeks blessing for Raju ..!

Precap — Madhu is in the hall n sees Lela eating dry fruits..! Lela tells her to quit staring n says this is my daughters house. .n i am here to stay …!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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