Madhubala 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK reads the letter left by Sultan and recollects his threat on phone to Madhus well wisher! He asks Bittu to call Madhu! Madhu comes! RK tells Madhu that all thats happend is coz of her! Madhu reads! RK tells that a hairdresser called Madhu had trouble working on his set so she went and cribbed before her well wisher.. who came to teach RK a lesson by breaking his cars windscreen! He tells all to leave Madhus way.. to let her walk first in queue ..for if anyone offends Madhu.. her well wisher aka lover..will come and avenge ..! He tells Madhu that this is the extent of her lovers madness? He says..firstly breaking rules on set.. and when corrected ..go to Prince Charming and then a threatening love letter? Such a company? Why? To teach RK a lesson beat him.. to slap him? RK tells her to thank him for the few days she spent with him…as she lived in class but now she is back in the company of third class people.. taking their help to teach him a lesson! RK tells Madhu that at one time..she had sanity with courage..did she sell off sanity for groceries? Taking challenge on RK? He threatens her that if he complaints to Association .. she will be thrown out of the studio.. thru the door!! The door..whose meaning she mite remember? RK says his heart .. (the one he has) is quite big..! He wont take her to Association .. but what about windscreen? Even her half yearly salary wont be enough..! He suggests her to have advised her lover to have removed air from the cars tires .. leave the note n go.. ! He says..he is forgiving her one last time. .but after this if anything else happens.. she will see such a side of RK ..that even RK does not know..! Everyone walks off..!

Aryan is playing snakes-ladder with the elderly and the elderly says.. cannot play like this..! Sultan comes and calls out to Aryan! Elderly informs that Aryan did Pranayam for 10 mins! Sultan asks him to do it for 5 more mins! The elderly tries to explain but Sultan says.. no matter what.. he has to do it all costs..! He says that next time when question is asked to Aryan. .only Aryan will reply! He tells Aryan to strengthen himself so that when next time anyone threatens..he will rain fire not tears! Madhu overhears and enters clapping..! Sultan asks Elderly to take Aryan inside..! He does!

Sultan asks her why she is here? She says coz of the broken windscreen of a car and to see what a father asks his son to learn by giving a bat! Madhu says.. usually they give it to play but here a father is teaching his son to break windscreen and be a rouge! Had she not come here she would not have seen this sweet heart touching sanskari scene!

Sultan asks her who is she to question him? Madhu says..she is no one..but he involved her by coming to her work place and breaking things around! Sultan tells her to go to her hubby and teach him manners.. and if not..then teach him fear…coz after threatening Sultans son . he is lucky ..he isn’t in hosp .only ihis car in garage! He says next time if her hubby threatens Sultans son .. death might be easy ..but not Sultan! Madhu says enough!

Part 2

Madhu tells Sultan that RK is no one of hers.. they are no longer hubby-wife and she has moved on! She says that coz of him she has to listen to RK..! Coz of him .. RK humiliated her in front of all..! Madhu says..he had strength so he used it..but coz of him ..she has to bear the consequences! She tells him that she is not a superstars wife nor does she have money.. rather she is a simple girl.. living in a chawl …earning her livelihood..! She says coz of him ..she was about to lose her job .. but din coz of a superstar and that gives her a right to ask him..! She says ..that coz of him ..she was ridiculed..! She asks him what sort of a person is he? Answering every question with a stone..! She says ..she had to hear ..taunts n barbs. .n questions on her self respect..! She says..but what is the point since he does not understand his own sons. .feelings. .pain .. words.. what will he understand about others pain!

Part 3

Radha calls out to her servant to switch off the lights of the garden! RK walks inot hte mansion and asks him if he apologised to MAdhu? RK asks Radha if she wont ask. .what Madhu did to him! Radha overhears Bittu telling someone about RKs car being repaired! A sevant walks in with a windscreen. .n says.. dont stare..its a gift from Madhu ..not just her.. Madhu n her new lover..! Radha asks him to stay in limit! RK says..its not limit. .its out of limit. .n that ..todays incident has taught him to go out of limit..!

Precap — RK is drunk n calls Madhu n asks her to give him her lovers number! Madhu says.. wont give n cuts the call..! RK self thought. .was my and ur love so weak that u moved on so fast? RK wonders what is it that binds him to Madhu ..n that why is it hurting so much?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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