Madhubala 17th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 17th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK is drinking and he asks if Bittu stopped listening to him or following him? Call lawyer! Bittu asks why? RK says coz his Biwi ..err ex-Biwi got divorce papers signed and want to finish all legal proceedings.. so call up ! Radha comes and RK says.. to Bittu to tell Radha that not interested to talk to her.. so if she is bored talk to servants..! Radha says..they are not my kids. he is. .so he has to listen to her..! Radha says.. his only complaint is that she din tell him the truth about his father..could he have managed? Maybe.. n lead a better life? Radha says.. he wont have been this damaged..! Radha says din have courage to say truth.. then but now..can say.. it n todays truth stop Madhu..! Radha says if Madhu leaves his life.. he will be over..! RK fumes and keeps drinking! Radha says.. he is ending the relation with a girl who considers him more than God.. then can God help him? Radha says life gives everyone one chance. .n his life is giving him a chance so he has to decide.. to regret or to ensure things go well..! Radha says one thing for sure if Madhu leaves. .he wont be able to stablises his life ever..! RK drinks and breaks the glass and Radha says whole life.. he blamed MK for leaving him n blaming Radha for not telling about MK but today if Madhu leaves.. only he will be responsible..for the mess..! RK turns and claps and says.. what a brilliant.. performance Mrs.Radha Kuku Bhatia.. the nominees for Best Supporting Actress ..are Mrs. Radha Maa.. Saas.. Aunty.. and Patni ..!Award goes to who cares..give to anyone..!

RK tells Bittu to call lawyer right now…! He goes from there..! Radha is shaking and panting in pain..! Dips comes to her room and Sikky is snoring..! He wakes up and sings.. Tum itna kyun muskura rahi ho.. kya chaal hai..jisko chupa rahi ho..! Dips says. am happy so hiding! Sikky asks who was destroyed? Dips says no one..just my dream is coming true..! Sikky rushes to her..n asks if Daddyji is gonna launch them? Dips says. .if anyone tells that to her. .she wont say no..! Dips is drinking.. n says wont be angry on Sikky too…! Sikky says.. 368 days later she called him Sikky baby n been 2 years since called him Baba..! Dips says.. cutie cutie n Sikky says call Tuti Fruti too..! Sikky says.. she is getting loaded.! Dips says. .wanna lose all senses..! She offers Sikky a drink too..! She says.. today so happy that whatever he wants ..she wont say no..! Sikky quickly finishes his drinks and asks ANYTHING? Dips says. .ANYTHING..! Sikky closes in on Dips and then switches on music…! He grabs her by the waist and asks if she can dance with him? Dips says sure..! Song – Aaj rapat jaye..!

Dips moby rings.. n Sikky picks up n asks yes Mr. S.. ! Sultan say give moby to Dips n Sikky says.. Dips is dancing! Sultan asks to give phone to Dips ..n he says.. have heard this voice before who are u? Sultan says.. Atma ..n asks to give phone. .to Dips and Siky gives! Sultan asks what is happening? Dips says .. keep calm ..Sultan.. he screams on her. dun take my name bewakuf aurat! Dips says she is bewakuf..and he will go nuts coz RK agreed.. coz his darling Madhu told RK that she loves Sultan ..! Sultan is quiet.! Dips says.. heard people scream out of happiness but he is quiet? Why? Sultan says to think before speaking nc uts call! Dips says mean guy..! Sikky asks Dips who is S? Dips says secret n he insists. but Dips is mum .. n Sikky says lets dance n they do!

Next day morning.. Madhu wakes up on the sofa.. and finds bed empty..! She comes down to the hall and a lawyer comes n says wanna meet her..! He says Mr. Gaekwad.. am divorce lawyer..! Madhu asks how he knows her? The lawyer says. .SIR said.. she wants a divorce lawyer and wants to finish things fast.. so will be done..! Sultan calls LAwyer n he gives phone to Madhu to talk to him! Sultan says not to take name. .n dare not call back as wont be traceable n people are around RK so dun take chance n do foolish stuff.. finish formalities..! Madhu agrees …n leads lawyer to the sofa inside the hall …! Lawyer explains Madhu the method.. he says.. its very simple n right then RK enters.. screaming on Bittu.. Agar apne mujhe bhashan diya to main aapke ghar ka rashan band kar dunga..! He fumes seeing lawyer n asks Bittu when is the divorce hearing..and Bittu says after 3 hours..! Madhu is quiet..!

Part 2

Judge asks where is her hubby? Madhu says on his way..! Her lawyer says.. he is a superstar famous for his attitude and careless nature.. sure he will come at his own time..! RK arrives and media asks.. never heard.. Chat Divorce.. what happened? RK asks to read newspapers where they will get answers ..! Reporters says read it n RK says. .there its written. no questions so not gonna answer.. and they shouldnt ask..! Judge asks if another date is to be given? Madhu says. .few mins.. wait please! RK arrives..! Madhus lawyer says.. 15 mins late.. n RK greets Judge..! Asks fo r papers n RKs lawyer gives..! Judge says. its been few months of wedding n they are ready to divorce? Both lawyer says yes..! Judge gives papers to sign. .n says..Madhu will get divorce in few weeks from legal proceedings..! Madhu signs n gives the papers to RK to sign!

BG –

Bas ek hi mera sahara tha mahii. .woh bhi chuta majhdhar me. .
Tere bin suni suni hai.. rahein ye sari.. kaise jeeyun zindagi..!

Part 3

Judge asks RK to sign n he stops midway and says ..changed my decision..! All are shocked..! Judge says they had agreed? RK says changed my decision wanna try to save this marriage.. want a chance..! All oppose..! RK says dun think this marriage is completely over.. its still working..! Madhu says.. why not agreeing? Lawyer says.. dun agree with RK .. wanna continue this proceedings! RK says dun care. .want one chance go make things work..! Madhu says want this divorce. today.. nothing is left to save here! Judge says.. cant take decision like this.. want both Rishbala to resolve their problems n come back.. then.. ! Gives time of 15days…! Judge leaves and RK too ..! Madhu runs after RK..and says he said yesterday that.. he is ready n today suddenly? RK says.. she used to say. .she understands him ..why forget that RK is known for his moodswings and today he has no mood to divorce her n maybe after 15days also he wont want to divorce her? Madhu is speechless..!

Precap — RK leaves saying see u at home.. Madhu says listen to me..! She spots Sultan waiting outside court covering his face..! A car almost knocks RK off the road but only touches his hand n Madhu is shocked..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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